Wonderful buying experience at Bill Pierre Ford in Seattle

For my entire life, I have been driving used cars.  Today, I have a slew of old BMWs with upwards of 300,000 miles. As an auto mechanic for several decades, I maintained these vehicles well. I would always pay cash for a car so I never had car payments. I would also only buy liability insurance. The money I saved would go to real estate investing in Tacoma.

My wife and I never had cable TV during our entire lives save a few years. It only took a month for us to realize that cable TV was an expensive time suck. As far as cell phones, for many years, we were happy with entry level flip phones or landlines.  The savings from avoiding Pay TV, expensive cell phones, and collision insurance, would basically pay the mortgage on an entry level rambler in Tacoma. That is, of course, before the current real estate bubble.

Anyways, After cooking a  fresh transmission pulling a 5th wheel up the “Ike gauntlet”  and breaking down on  I-70 just below Eisenhower tunnel, my wife said enough is enough.  She then insisted that I buy a new truck. The 1997 Ford F250 with Cummins 5.9 turbo diesel and super duty trans would be taken off the interstate front line and relegated to ” in town”  Lowes runs or dump runs.  I felt bad because I had just rebuilt the entire suspension and brake system to basically new specs. The truck would get 23 MPG empty and feel like a brand new 1997 Ford F250 4×4 even though it has 300,000 on the chassis. Moreover, the 5.9 liter 2003 Cummins common rail turbo diesel is sporting a young 60,000 miles. In addition, I had just rebuilt a super duty 4r100 for it and it was working flawlessly. At this juncture, I will keep the 1997 Ford F250 for the dirty work of building houses and moving earth. The 2017 Ford F350 power stroke will be the interstate cruiser between Washington state and Colorado. The interior sound level is like a high-end Mercedes plus one can haul sheetrock.

We needed some new cars. She was driving a 1995 BMW 525IT with a second engine and 300,000 miles on chassis. The original motor had 300,000 when it jump the timing chain in the driveway. The car was well maintained and had airbags so I put a 90,000-mile motor and trans in for $900.

We did end up buying a new 2016 F150 with a 2.7-liter twin turbo. The truck was almost as fast as a Mustang in the quarter mile and got 23 on the highway, but the towing capability was basically useless.  When we towed 6000 pounds on I-5, the truck bobbed and weaved like Floyd Mayweather junior. We had no alternative but to trade it in and take a slight loss so we could upgrade to an F350  quad cab turbo diesel. Then again, I would only lose $2800 over a years time.

I am the cheapest fella that ever lived. Buying a new car from a dealer was foreign to me. Trading a new truck in with 3700 miles and taking a loss, for me, was a heinous thought. In addition paying $50,000 for a truck was a grotesque level of blatant consumption. But for all practical purposes, it had to be done. I would shop the internet for a month looking at dealer specials. I also attempted to leverage dealers across the Puget Sound.

I finally found a nice 2017 F350 quad cab Powerstroke diesel for $47,974.  It was an XLT package with all the tow goodies and a Sink 3 dash display.  I was satiated and told Jessica at  Pierre Ford that I was ready to close the deal. Several people were looking at this truck, so I had to make no bones and move forward. I showed up at the dealer with my trade in.  When I arrived, I found that the truck also had King Ranch chrome 19-inch rims, which freaked me completely out given that they sell for $2000 used on Ebay.  Within a few minutes, they had my trade-in value set at $25,000. This was a lot given that they had the F350 at $13,000 below MSRP.  We wanted the $1250 discount for using Ford financing, so we opted to put an additional $13000 down and financed $15,000. My first payment will come from my BECU Heloc and pay down the balance to $1000 to avoid interest payments at 7%.  But hey, I saved $1250 up front. I will keep the Ford financing for 6 months.


Even though I was an ASE certified technician and was  a successful vehicle repair shop owner, with decades of experience, the Power Stroke is a complex vehicle. I opted for a $2700 Costco 10 year warranty and closed the deal.  This means that I am covered from bumper to bumper for the next 10 years if anything fails like a transmission, motor or turbo etc.

The folks at Bill Pierre Ford were simply amazing. The professional demeanor and customer fulfillment acumens are second to none. This says a lot given that I am an old school auto mechanic that always bought used and never set foot in a dealership. But then again, I wanted a new Ford truck and even a used Ford diesel on Craigslist would cost over $40,000.  Then one does not know if the used truck has been chipped and abused. As it is, I spent only $10,000 more and got a beautiful and new  Ford truck with a bumper to bumper warranty for $50,000. Not bad for a truck with 440 diesel HP and 925 foot lbs of torque.

So, if you want a really good truck buying experience, then talk with Jessica at Bill Pierre Ford. She is a cheerful and articulate gal full of positive energy and competence as it relates o Ford makes and models. She will even let you test drive a Focus RS when you go and get the additional down payment at the BECU service center on Lake City Way.

Sadly, I will have to break the news to the 1997 Ford F250 Cummins diesel with super duty trans that it will be moved to the bench.  As far as the old BMWs with a collective 700,000 miles, I may have to donate a few to disabled veterans.

Getting rid of well-maintained vehicles that only consume fuel and inexpensive Walmart Supertech 20w50 oil saddens me to no end. But hey, I gotta new truck….. A new truck with cutting edge emissions control . Hoohrah….

As far as the Focus RS all wheel drive with 350 horse, I will stick with my 2016 Focus St with 252 horses at a price point of $18995 from Bickford.  If I want a few more ponies, I will chip it and update the turbo. The Focus RS however, handles like it is glued to the road with no body roll and insane levels of torque on tap. I will stick with the wild west version front wheel drive Focus St hot hatch….


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