Will coach Mike Shanahan please come to the front desk

Somewhere in the Denver area, a skinny old dude is knocking back a scotch on the rocks from the clear bottle and watching his dog’s asshole as it goes through a pre-shit expansion.   He prods the dog along by uttering little gingles that motivate the dog into priming the sphincter. After the tootle deposit, he says “good boy,”  while he reminisces getting blown out by Bettis. Next, he ponders RGIII as his knee folds.  To circumvent these horrendous visualizations he thinks about how TD and Elwood were a thing of beauty when they offed Bret Favre. He then smiles when he thinks of the crowds of cheering people at the airport.  Its either that or he is watering some plants next to the fence. The rest of the time he is driving his wife stark raving mad. He tried fantasy football but threw the laptop across the room when he benched his 7 and 4 QB for a pussy with a big gun.

Back in those days, the Bronco D never gave up the ghost. It was a battle until the very end. At times, the Denver D was the lightest in the entire NFL but they scrapped for every single inch. They were happy to be warriors on the field and never ever doubted themselves. They gave 110% until the clock ran out. Even if the team lost, the Denver D delivered a beating or simply exhausted the opposing offense.  The Shanahan halftime adjustment always delivered results.  Always!!! Then once the Broncos brought the opposing team to physical collapse, Elwood would pick them apart.

The clock is ticking for St. Joseph. Elwood has done everything possible to ensure that St. Joseph is successful. The Broncos had the best draft in recent memory. The only thing left is additional coaching changes.

If it is me, I give St. Joseph and the D coordinator until week 10 bye week to prove their worth and then bring in Shanny to get the Broncos back to at least .500 football for 2019.  As we recall, John Fox provided instant results. St. Joseph seems to simply not get the job done. He is wasting extremely valuable Bronco existence time and money. We can already see that Mr. Miller is flatlining. It wont be long before he is competing for a place on the depth or getting traded. ya gotta get while the getting is good.  St. Joseph can talk a line of stable diatribe, but at this juncture, he is turning the Broncos into Peewee’s Playhouse. 160 yards on two plays! WTF?

On a side note, Musgrave did adapt a little more to the Freeman and Booker hands,  moved the ball, and then regressed.  Musgrave moved the ball via awesome runningback tactics and then regressed into the old stale mold while in the red zone.  The opposing team then made the old stale adjustments. yall need a little red zone play action and some Jake the Snake out of the pocket scrambling.  Lacosse was underutilized as well as Sutton and Hamilton.  I think Keenum and Musgrave can pull it together this week.  It is clear that Keenum is a scrapper that will not give in until the clock runs out.  He is only getting better and will soon be on the same page with his awesome offense. It is truly coming together.

Yall better not get down on yourselves..

All is well in Broncoville… Well not so much for St. Joseph.

Lastly, there are the coaches that create .500 football by just showing up. It is like that in high school, college and the NFL. Plus Shanny does not have a Superbowl without Elwood’s help. He is still after that dog.  Kube only wants someTexas BBQ that’s worth a crap, and a high and tight.

Elwood fired Fox so Kubiak could enjoy an SB win after a heinous last season with Houston. For all practical purposes, the Kube was done. Elwood resurrected him and gave him SB50. Fox is 10 times the coach St. Joseph is. He also 86ed Tebow so  Peyton Manning could have his shot. Maybe giving nasty old Shanahan a final shot with what should be a Bronco Superbowl team is in order. That and picking up Tripucka for the hell of it.

St. Joseph lacks true motivational leadership skills.  Bla bla bla bla bla bla blaaa!

For a substantually weird looking dude, Darnold can  really throw the ball.


Meanwhile St. Joseph is continuing his slide into the Josh McDaniels penalty box.





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