Why I find kneeling for the National Anthem insulting?

I flew in the Air Force Reserves for 16 years. During the 1.7 million miles I was allowed the honor to haul both the wounded and those that gave their final measure for our freedoms. Sometimes the back of the aircraft would be full of our patriot wounded. Folks of every age, race, sex, and religion. These patriots were not defined by color.

Many times, we were tasked with transporting flag-draped caskets. Some flights would see 20 caskets while others might have one lone soldier. The Air Force takes great care when loading and unloading patriot remains.  During the offloading at Dover, the patriot is met by the Honor Guard who pay their respects as well.  Throughout the entire process, the patriot is moved by loving minds and the respectful caring hands of other patriots.  During the entire offloading process, the Aircrew stands at attention and renders a respectful salute for the fallen. When the patriot is buried with full military honors, the flag is folded with great care and given to a relative.  From the time a patriot is killed in action and buried in the ground, he or she is treated with the greatest respect possible.  Soldiers do not care what color they are when they are in uniform or civilian. When we stand for the National Anthem, we are paying our respects to the fallen and the greatest country on earth.  This is the bottom line. Of course if one is a veteran that votes Republican then one is considered a racist by the liberal left.

On the trip back across the pond, the aircraft interior would be noisy.  The aircraft would porpoise up and down from autopilot inputs. One could hear the screech of hydraulic actuators acting on flight surfaces. Another moment the tail of the aircraft would bounce up and down from turbulence.  The large fuselage would be empty save for one lone patriot. I felt bad for this departed human that was traveling all alone.   The soldier’s metal casket would be draped with the flag.  I would think of this man or woman and wonder who they were. I wondered if this patriot was a father, a  mother, a son or a daughter. I wondered if they had a family waiting for them at Dover. I wondered how old they were. I would be saddened that their only life on this earth had been taken from them in defense of our great country. My eyes would tear up when I thought of the folks that would grieve the loss of this human being. Sometimes I could not help myself and would start crying. To hide the event, I would lock myself in the aircraft bathroom until I regained my composure. Above all, I would thank them for their service an honor them. He or she had given their lives for my freedoms.  A debt I can never repay.

The color of this patriot’s skin never crossed my mind.  In fact, it would be an ignorant insult to humanity if I or anyone thought about a person’s color after they have given their final measure for the rest of us.  Those NFL players that kneel when the National Anthem is played insult all Americans. Specifically, they insult the Black Americans with the balls to wear the uniform and fight for our freedoms. I will always stand for the Black Patriot and to hell with cop killing morons that do not take life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seriously. Realize that when a brother or sister put on the uniform, they are willing to give their lives for others. This deserves our dedication and complete respect. BLM sympathizers, on the other hand, are willing to execute female police officers that are simply doing their job.  One individual is willing to give his or her life for the rest of us, while another faction is willing to take other people’s lives inappropriately.

As far as I am concerned, the soldier and the police officer are pillars of society and deserve our respect equally.

The NFL players that take a knee, well they can shove the football up their asses. Of course, the liberal left feels that it is racist to expect NFL athletes tho stand for the National Anthem.

So, for my friends who feel that standing for the National Anthem is ” Forced Nationalism”, well, I can no longer debate the ignorance.  Please do not bring up the subject anymore.


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