Update on Brodhead Homestead

To: Jennifer Kavanugh

CC William Leonard


Release date:  January 8, 2016


Contact(s):     Kristy Boscheinen, Chief, Special Projects Division

                         Kristy_Boscheinen@nps.gov; (570) 223-4335

                         Kathleen Sandt, Public Affairs Specialist

                         Kathleen_Sandt@nps.gov; (570) 426-2472; (570) 234-9144

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval forging a robust future for the Silver State




It has been 3 weeks since I submitted a Brodhead Homestead painting proposal in detail. The level of detail was written per your request. You received the detailed proposal and have yet to respond.

The Brodhead Homestead: siding restoration and painting proposal document

My wife and I have a dozen properties to maintain. presently, we are in Nevada painting a manufactured home that we inherited. After this property is painted along with all the out buildings, we will be either heading to Colorado to do a roof job on our house in Boulder County, or to Pennsylvania to start the Brodhead Homestead project. We do not have the luxury of simply talking about it.

I requested a review of my proposal. The proposal included a request for an RV spot, scaffolding, and the ability to pay for the paint as I go. I also requested a simple or work order.  work process document. I then stated that I would attend one of your

lead abatement classes and submit a blood lead test once I am able to acquire a 5th wheel spot.

You did send me a document related to public hearings.  I do not know what effect this has on out collective time management, and require further reiteration.

I could not volunteer last year, because we were selling a house. We sold the house and now are looking forward to volunteering for you.

Below, please find further examples of painting that I am doing.

Please forward to the folks that are in charge of painting 600 homes.

We either need a commitment from you folks or we are making other plans….

Hope the weather and beauty of Pennsylvania finds you in good health as well as loved ones…







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