Uncle Donny will “slow the stroll” with Kim Jong Un

It is clear that Kim Jong Un and the North Korean military high command are simply afraid of North Korean freedom, democracy and economic opportunity. The disgustingly fat and entitled Kim Jong Un is an unbalanced tyrannical coward.

Donald Trump extended an olive branch and friendship to North Korea. He then has maintained an element of friendship and a positive demeanor towards North Korea while tightening sanctions. This is a stroke of international relations genius. The North Koreans have exploited the we/they concept for close to 70 years. The US is the evil empire dead set on overtaking North Korea. So, the North Korean peoples humbly accept starvation and stifling oppression over the threat of annihilation by the US and South Korea.

In order for Kim Jong Un to unite his country, he must cast the US president as a threat to the country. Donald Trump eliminated that aspect by reducing military exercises. He then created a very grandiose summit with Kim Jong UN for the world to see. However, instead of moving forward Kim Jong Un stagnates.

As the sanctions exact a devastating affect on the population of North Korea, the North Koreans will be driven to revolution.

All that Uncle Donny has to do now is “slow the stroll!”

Declaring that he is a friend of NK is an extraordinarily epic aspect of psychological warfare. It is called winning the hearts and minds.

At this juncture, Kim Jong Un is either purging his military of harsh critics of Korean unification or he is settling back into status quo behavior. Either way, it does not matter to Trump because he will just play the nice guy card until the regime collapses.

Trump needs to play up the friendly dude psyops while not taking calls from the disgusting and tyrannical fat ass.

In the final analysis, it was the North Koreans under Kim Jong Un that lobbed test intercontinental ballistic missiles over Japan, and threatened Guam,Alaska, and the US mainland. Kim Jong Un wanted attention. Well he received copious grandiose attention, friendship and a handshake by an American president. In order for him to appreciate this gesture, it is time to smile, and not pay any attention to him. The North Koreans respond to a fraudulent smile. It is part of Korean culture to smile at someone that one despises. A smile masks their racist and cultural superiority complexes.

Senator Richard H. Brodhead was a senator when Japan was forced to open it’s country to the rest of the world by Millard Fillmore and the US Navy. Brodhead was on the Postal committee with Seward. Here is the beginnings of trade with the Pacific rim.

Bill 411 of 693,

North Korea has to go through some sort of Meiji Restoration. Ultimately, however, North Korea will have to revolt against Kim Jong Un and the North Korean military for this to happen.

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