Tulsi Gabbard skewers village idiot Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s pol numbers are on a ventilator. But this time, no amount of lying or plagiarizing is going to mend his reputation. In fact, Joe Biden overdozed on liberal left gibberish and fried his brain.

The list of agitating  political  theater is long:

You can keep your doctor

Health care costs will go down

I wasnt involved with the surveilance of Donald Trump

I didnt take money from the CCP

I didnt take money from Russia

I didnt take money from the Ukraine

January 6th was as bad as Pearl Harbor.

Let them loot burn and murder because America is racist

Lets teach soldiers CRT and fixate on skin color

Lets start a domestic terrorist unit and target conservative

Lets call parents that attend school board meeetings terrorists

It is racist to call the Wuhan virus the Wuhan Virus

I will cure cancer

I will defeat Covid -19

Lets open the border and let in millions

Lets make DC a state

Lets abolish the electroal college

Lets pull out of Iraq and let ISIS takeover

Lets pullout of Afghanistan and leave thousands

Lets leave the Taliban $100 billion in arms

Lets stack the Supreme court

Lets weaponize covid-19

Lets weaponize the DOJ

Lets weaponize the FBI

Lets increase the debt



Just the pay to play politics in the Ukraine and how Biden is handling the border deserves impeachment.

But the latest thing Biden has done takes the cake.

Biden says that you are a racists if you do not support the government takeover of elections.

Ok thats a take, and we are now done with Biden


95% of people that have served in the military think alot like Tulsi Gabbard.






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