Trump putting an end to the absurdity of the Obama era LGBT movement

In reality, the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy in the military was a good policy. This allowed homosexuals to serve in the military free of harassment by homophobic soldiers.  In addition, their path to unit acceptance, preeminence, and promotion would not be clouded with oppressive views by those that are in the power construct. Then, once they have completed a 20-year career and earn all the lucrative bells of whistles of a military retirement, they can be as gay or lesbian as they want without fear of being discharged etc.

Of course, Barack Obama would react to the LGBT movement in order to secure a very profitable LGBT political donation stream. Gays and Lesbians under Obama were granted the right to marry and serve openly in the military. For many folks, marriage will always be between a man and a woman.

Barack Obama went beyond common sense when he attempted to poddy train the entire  United States education system with the idea that an LGBT individual could use any bathroom they chose.  In fact, he was introducing and encouraging “gender confusion and gender conflict”  in our school system. In essence, he was encouraging state run entities to teach gender conflict issues and open the door to dysphoria for our impressionable children.  This would be akin to turning the entire school system into a  massive LGBT recruiting leviathan. This social engineering plan is completely counter to folkways and morays of thousands of years. Moreover, it is not the job of the state to encourage gender confusion. It is the role of the family to decide what is best for their children.  The school system is only there to teach reading writing and arithmetic and prepare students for vocational training or college. Sexual education should only encompass the reproductive system and how to engage in safe sex etc.

Barack Obama doubled down on all things LGBT when he pushed the Pentagon into providing sex change operations for military personnel with gender dysphoria. Hence, anyone that wanted a free sex change could join the military. Then after 18 months, they could have the surgery performed.  The costs would be enormous. In addition, a sex-changed soldier would not be deployable for up to 18 months.

Another aspect of the military funding sex reassignment surgery relates to VA benefits. Many individuals that have sex reassignment surgery are subject to mental illness, and depression. So not only would transgendered first termers not be deployable through out most of their first  4 years,  as well as the costs associated with reassignment, they could be granted VA benefits for the mental health issues related to Pentagon provided reassignment surgery.

Part of military service is being mentally and physically prepared for worldwide deployment. When a soldier is fixated on gender dysphoria, and sexual reassignment, they are incapable of being part of a cohesive fighting unit. This is not the case for Gays and lesbians. The only issue they have to contend with is unit acceptance.

Donald Trump put his foot down on Obama’s over the top LGBT theatrics for campaign donation streams. The military cannot be exploited for sexual reassignment surgery. People with gender dysphoria would become an economic burden and undeployable.  If they want a sex change operation, they can go to Trinidad.

The LGBT crowd will have to be satisfied with marriage equality and Gays and Lesbians being able to serve openly in the Armed Forces. As far as encouraging gender dysphoria in our school system, that is not the job of the US education system. .


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