The talented Trevor Siemian teasing Elwood again

During this particular game when the TV folks directed their video feeds to the “Blackhole” executive box that John Elway was occupying, the glass and lighting obscured our view. We could not see Elwood’s expression when Paxton Lynch went 9 of 14 with an average completion yardage of 2.93 yards per throw. We did not see him grimacing when Paxton Lynch rendered a 38 QB rating while engineering one 3 and out after another. Then again, Elwood could not see the faces of the millions of Bronco fans as we watched Paxton Lynch simply suck.

John Elway has coddled his first round draft pick for quite some time now. Elwood let Tim Tebow walk after an extraordinary season in 2011. Elwood let Kyle Sloter walk after a 153 QB rating during the 2017 pre-season. It was clear to everyone that Sloter was a gamer and made Paxton Lynch look like shit.

The coddling climax of Paxton Lynch was a crying episode on the sidelines after a dismal performance.  Broncos do not cry in front of Raiderville! We kick their ass! WTF???All Bronco fans now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paxton Lynch is not an NFL QB. At this juncture, he is a liability and an unworthy distraction. The Bronco organization can no longer keep the fella around for the good of the team. In fact, the Broncos cannot grow out of its current malaise until it gets rid of Lynch. Elwood cannot build a team around Lynch. He cannot even keep Lynch around as a camp arm. At this juncture, Osweiler is the back up for the remainder of the season.

Waive Lynch!!!

Trevor Siemian, on the other hand, has buried all his demons and 86ed his self-fulfilling prophecy BS.  He tasted the bench, and he does not like it. He now will not listen to any other voices besides his own voice and desire to win. He will communicate with his team on the sideline, and maintain a positive outreach at all times.  It’s only a game, but Bronco fans like to win. There is no crying in football.

Lastly, Bronco fans are sick of the Lynch /Siemian QB controversy. We are sick of Elwood’s coddling of Paxton Lynch. In the past, Denver has cut way better QBs like Bradley Van Pelt , Brady Quinn, Kyle Sloter, and Tim Tebow. If Elwood can waive Lorenzo Doss for being late, Elwood can waive Paxton Lynch for being a demonstrative NFL bust.

As far as Trevor Siemian? His off the bench performance in the black hole just increased his value as a free agent. If he wins the final games of the season, he becomes the $50 million dollar man.

Elwood, dude, it is time to move on from Lynch. He is done in Denver.

Musgrave did a good job incorporating Janovich, Latimer, and Fowler. It seems that they can create much more separation than  88 and 10. Booker can kill it. Stay out of the middle on 2nd downs and play action out of the pocket Snake style. Janovich. Run drills with Latimer and FB/RB when you are flushed from the pocket.

Kudos to Sunshine for catching the ball void of the McKenzie grandiose caca.

If it was me, I would make Janovich dress like Rathman 44 and use his hands.

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