The Sprinter van’ solar fridgerator

I have looked at several 12 volt portable refrigerators. All set on the floor and take up way too much space in the Sprinter. I thought of a 1.1 mini freezer and also a 3.1 mini fridge to keep food items in the van. The dorm fridge is too large, not insulated well and uses copious energy.  Anyways, I found a suitable freezer unit that is energy star rated. I then purchased  a separate digital controller, so I can set temps above freezing.

The insulation on the Whynter 2.1 mini freezer is twice as thick as that of a mini fridge.  Then instead of using it as a freezer, I set the $26 digital controller at any temp I want. On sunny days, the  two solar panels will be more than enough to charge batteries and also run the fridge.  Anyways, the fridge cost $238 shipped. I will run it off the Xantrex prowatt 2000 inverter. it should work fine at 75 watts of power consumption. I think the compressor is .65 amp at 110V.  It is approximately 6 amps at 12 volts DC.   It should run half the time as a conventional refrigerator too.

When we are on the rode, we like to eat Costco frozen fish, vegetables, sandwiches, soups, and salads. We also like breakfast burritos, fried rice packets and Italian entrees. A nice solar fridge makes travelling a wonderful event. In addition, one does not have to settle for fast food or expensive diner food.

So, I think I will get another solar panel and bring the system up to 300 watts. The money I saved on this freezer will allow me to buy a nice double Din stereo gps head unit, speakers, and sub woof. Then it is a drop down TV.



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