The 2020 election was rife with voter fraud and republicans must stand and fight

It all started when Donald Trump was put under surveillance by the Obama administration. It was Joe Biden that suggested unmasking General Flynn. There are reports that Obama knew about the illegal exploitation of the Patriot Act via rogue agents in the FBI, CIA, NSA and FISA courts. This event in itself makes Watergate look like leaving the toilet seat up.  In order to cover this event up, the Democratic Socialists’ started the Mueller investigation.

As soon as the Mueller investigation came up with zilch, the Democratic Socialists then started an impeachment process on Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party “accidentally” released the Covid-19 virus on the world. They would allow the virus that they had been working on for years in a level 4 biological weapons facility in Wuhan to escape.  The virus would infect the US economy within months.  Some think it was retaliation for Trump’s trade disputes. Democrat governors would shut down  their state economies and millions would become unemployed. Of course, warehouse internet companies like Amazon would see windfall profits as folks were scared into leaving their homes. Traditional brick and mortar businesses would see a  bankruptcy apocalypse.

Trump created the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks and Hispanics in history. Blacks and Hispanics were leaving the Democratic Socialist plantation and embracing Trump and conservative values because they had the dignity of a job.  China, globalists, and the DNC could not abide this, so they locked down major economic centers and plunged the economy into a depression.  In places like Las Vegas, 1 in 3 people are unemployed.

Adam Schiff of the House intelligence committee was privy to this information early on, but was focused on Trump impeachment.

Of course, they would impeach Trump for ridiculous reasons. Then, we would come to find that “Chairman Biden” was guilty of all the things they accused Trump of. He was getting money from the Russians, Ukrainians, and the CCP to the tune of utter tens of millions. We also found that his son Hunter was a criminal and the front man for the Biden crime family and  their pay to play political schemes.

As a former meth-head and crack addict, Hunter Biden surfed kiddy porn and did naked skype chats with the 14 year old daughter of his dead brother.

They blamed Trump with Russia , Russia , Russia. Now the Democratic Socialists and rogue agents in the DNC and Dominion voting machines are engaged in voter fraud on an industrial scale. The media will blame Trump for Russian interference in the election process, while saying nothing about massive voter fraud in the inner cities that is perpetrated by the DNC and special interest.

The killing of blacks by police officers in cities like Detroit, Philly, Atlanta,  and parts of Wisconsin lead to rioting,  looting, burning business districts to the ground and the murder of police officers. This rage and the hate for “orange man”  then manifested itself in  massive voter fraud in counties dominated by disenfranchised blacks.  However, it would be construed as racists if this voter fraud narrative was framed in this fashion.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of how effective and conniving the liberal yellow press has become. The heavy propaganda campaign started in 2007.  It then became cheer leading for riots, arson, murder and obscene levels of voter fraud.

The liberal yellow press, social media, and big tech are in on it too.

In our lifetimes, we have never seen people so willing to violate the sanctity of voting rights.  We have never seen people so willing to violate the rule of law and cuff their children’s wrists to  a socialist agenda. We have never seen inner city blacks so willing to engage in voter fraud when it was Republican’s that secured their right to vote.  It simply does not make sense.

Of course, now they want to unify a divided country after they stole an election and engaged in racist labelling and continually cast insults at law abiding tax paying citizens that have done nothing to anyone.

To top it off, a drug company withheld that they had a Corona Virus vaccine that was 90% effective, until after the election. Trump pays them $1.5 billion and they withhold  this information from him until after the election. Trump would find out about this vaccine via the media while Joe Biden was briefed at his home. The news of the vaccine  announcement would push Trump’s artificially suppressed  stock market to new highs. The media would credit the stock market rise to Joseph Biden? WTF?

I find it odd that the virus was released in November 2019 and the conveniently developed just after the election of 2020. Of course the information on the vaccine would be released via the insider trading under ground so Wall Street and special interest could benefit from insider trading.

It will be interesting to see what politicians invested in Phyzer.

Republicans will have to stand their ground on this one as should every single American that does not want the USA to become a Banana republic. While all Americans deserve respect and equality, they aren’t allowed to engage in voter fraud.

Lastly, Republicans will have to serenade the Hispanic voter and peal them away from the Democratic Socialist party.  We did it in Florida, we can do it in the west.

These are the free states of Trump

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