Ted Cruz supporters jumping ship ahead of Iowa caucuses.

In 2012, Rick Perry ,while heavily medicated for a recent back surgery, had a debate “oops moment!” His numbers then plummeted from 30% to 40% to a dismal 3%.  Even then, Americans did not have contempt for the longest serving governor in Texas history. Iowans, however, were brutal to Rick Perry.

In 2015, Rick Perry would not be able to increase his poll numbers past 3%. Instead, he dropped out, went back to the sweetest gal in Texas and purchased a muscle car. Now, he is feeling the positive effects of no stress from government service. He is stronger, healthier and happy.

During the last Iowa Republican debate, Ted Cruz had a massive oops moment. During the previous debate, Ted Cruz insulted the entire state of New York.  In addition to re-evaluating support for Ted Cruz, many caucus goers feel outright contempt for the Canadian Cuban Psuedo conservative. They realize that Ted Cruz is all about Ted Cruz. They are now realizing that Ted Cruz has zero support from his colleagues in the Senate given that nobody will cosponsor any of his ill conceived bills. This does not bode well for reaching across the isle and working with Democrats. Iowans also realize that Ted Cruz engages in insulting generalities. We actually do not know what he stands for. Moreover, he has an ultra thin  or non existent legislative portfolio. He reality, he has very little works and deeds, but he wants us to believe in him anyways. After the last two debates, even the slowest Republicans are now understanding that Ted Cruz is simply a bullshitter.


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