Ted Cruz pivoting from Trump ass kissing to Iran nuclear deal

It is interesting to observe the thought processes of political candidates. While Ted Cruz may be polished at grandiose senate chamber gibberish, his campaign tactics and strategy are quite low level. In fact, he and his campaign advisers are probably as inept as Obama, Rice, and Jarette.

Just a few days ago, Ted Cruz would not condemn Donald Trump for his attack on war heroes and POWs.  Ted was more interested in Trump’s $10 billion and an endorsement than doing what is right. This suggests the former SCOTUS intern hasn’t learned a thing about decision making. His reason for not condemning Trump was that he did not want to engage in the media hype.  Oh really? Ted Cruz wanted to do something different , as opposed to  Rick Perry. Ted Cruz saw dollar signs first. Once Donald Trump bows out because of his own neanderthal idiocy, Ted wants to be at the receiving end. He figures that the mentally unbalanced Trump will reward him for standing with him and against POWs etc.

So, then, Ted Cruz pivots from kissing Donald Trump’s ass to an Iran nuclear dooms day scenario.  This is like Obama attacking our 2nd amendment rights  after Sandy Hook in order to run media interference for Benghazi. This recent grandiosity suggests that Ted Cruz likes to engage in media hype and will use it for attempted manipulation of the public.

While the Obama/Iran nuclear deal is a bad deal, Ted Cruz is now using the issue to run interference for kissing Trump’s ass. It is like Bill Clinton launching cruise missiles at Libya to take our minds off the cum stained blue dress.

Rick Perry is starting to solidify his preeminence among the Israeli lobby. Israelis understand that Rick Perry will stand with them. Ted Cruz wants to now preempt this trend. I figure AIPAC thinks Ted Cruz is simply an opportunist with a big mouth. He has not shown us nuttin I tell ya.

As sure as the C-141 Starlifter supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War, Rick Perry will stand with Israel in 2016, and it is not a campaign ploy.

Ted Cruz has nothing to offer concerning immigration reform or securing the border. Ted Cruz never served in uniform and has zero credibility as it related to foreign policy experience. I mean except for grandiose and loquacious behavior on the senate floor, what does Ted Cruz really have to offer?

As it is, Donald Trump has proven himself to be divisive, self absorbed, nasty, and incoherent. He is no Ross Perot. He thinks his money gives him legitimacy.  If you do not support him he threatens to sic his billions on you.

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