Syrian refugees good for gun rights and NSA surveillance agenda

Redneck neocon Republicans should welcome Syrian refugees.  Their presence would play straight into the 2nd Amendment argument and NSA surveillance agenda. Hell if it was up to many redneck Republicans, we would intern Syrians into Japanese style internment camps next to the Sierra Nevada mountains. Or maybe we should buy 10,000 FEMA trailers  and put them on  McNeil Island? Maybe we should surgically install GPS locate transmitters in their ass fat?

As soon as one of these Syrian refugees gets a hold of a gun and enters a theater, the NSA budget doubles, and the NRA has a ticker tape parade.  If a Muslim refugee shoots off a gun it is terrorism, If an alienated paranoid schizophrenic who got beat up during recess shoots off a gun, Obama/Clinton attack our 2nd Amendment.  Should a Syrian refugee kill anyone on American soil, it sets the Clinton/Obama attack on our 2nd Amendment rights back 20 years. The federal government class will also harvest the event and double down on domestic surveillance of tax paying citizens. Its like the burning of the Reichstag, weapons of mass destruction or Gulf of Tonkin.

Republican paranoia is playing straight into the Orwellian mind set.

The current refugee crisis is simply symptoms related to the Republican neocon disease. These are symptoms of failed foreign policy.

Let us be honest here, George Walker Bush’s  foreign and domestic policies were the biggest failures in US history. There really is no other events that even compare to his ineptitude. Then, when we couple Barack Hussein Obama abandoning Iraq and allowing ISIS to gain a foothold, we are talking serial administrative incompetence.

The neocons that lied about weapons of mass destruction, put our Habeas Corpus rights in Dick Cheney’s  safe, and absconded the Bill of Rights should welcome Syrian refugees. Then, instead of the NSA surfing through terabytes of porn, they can fixate on 10,000 chipped Syrians with doggie collars!Hell, we can employ all the Mormons at the 1 million square foot  Bluffdale data center in Utah, and have them monitor the Syrian refugee’s every electronic move. James Clapper is breaking out the champagne bottles as we speak.

Most redneck Republican neocons did not even know where Iraq was when we started “Shock and Awe Shit” Our buddy Wolfe Blitzer could not wait to stand in front of the big TV screen as Baghdad anti aircraft fire went off. He was like Charlie Sheen at a disease ridden porn-star’s house. Even Wolf Blitzer totally avoided the collateral damage of war , causation and the resultant refugee crisis. This is what we get when we let neocon Republicans engage in a smorgasbord of perpetual war. This is what we get when we believe the war mongering yellow press. This is what we get when we are ignorant of history.


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