Still painting in Nevada

Behind every successful man is a good woman who knows how to use a blade when painting. Diane is an extraordinary woman. She graduated from U of A. Shen then taught high school for 3 years. Next she attended CSU were she taught for 2 years while earning her masters degree. She then went and taught at SDSU for 3 years. Next, she became the director of quality at Eddie Bauer. She finished her corporate career  at NIKE as a senior manager in quality. Now she gets off on putting quality work into our rentals. In the corporate world, the quality process has become infected with every manner of bureaucracy.  When one paints a sun worn house in Pahrump, Nevada, one gets immediate satisfaction as it relates to quality.

I am loading tractor attachments today so we can take them to the farm in Utah.

Meanwhile, Pahrump is testing my nerves””’

Diane married the worst kid in the class. However, I invested every dime she ever earned and returned $4 for every dollar she made.





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