Senator Marsha Blackburn endorses Tiffany Smiley for U.S. Senate

Many folks that are not engaged in political history do not even know who Marsha Blackburn is. Most people do not know what this woman is made of. In short, she is the female version of Rand Paul. She is a lady of steel. A pit bull politician with lipstick, hair and a hardcore  common sense attitude.

I met Marsha Blackburn in 2007 at an all women’s college in New Hampshire.  I was on Duncan Hunter’s campaign staff. Marsha Marsha Marsha, wasnt to0 inviting at the time. I got to make eye contact and say hello and that was it. She knew that I was bad to the bone. BBBBBBad,BBBBBbad, bad to the bone.

Senator Marsha Blackburn is on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She is also familiar with readiness as it realtes to the Armed Services.

At 69 years old, senator Blackburn looks really good for her age. However, she is not keeping up with the political ball game. She needs a tuneup and some reality therapy.

Currently, we have a president that took utter millions from the Ukraine, Russia, and the CCP. This same dementia ridden criminal president has to negotiate with both the Ukraine and Russia as part of our national interest. Given that Joe Biden is a pay to play political criminal, it is an extreme conflict of interest for Joe Biden to be negotiating with the Russians and Ukrainians on behalf of the American people.  It is insulting that a criminal like Joe Biden who got people killed in Benghazi and Kabul, is  our commander in chief.  Either way, ice water iron lady Blackburn needs to step up to the plate and lay waste. Talk with Rand and come up with a PR campaign that levels Biden the village idiot.

America is not ready for a war with Russia over the Ukraine. America must maintain its peace through strength in the face of the CCP and Tawain. Of course Joe Biden took money from the CCP and covered for their Covid-19 gain of function research as well. So, really it is a severe conflict of interest for Joe Biden to even occupy the whitehouse.

As it is , Joe Biden should be censured by the Senate.

After the 2022 mid term elections, Joe Biden will have to be investigated for his pay to play politics and then impeached.

As far as supporting Mrs’ Smiley, Marsha has that right.



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