Robert Meuller’s SS Police State tactics

When Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI in the early morning, the FBI showed up in SWAT style body armor, and armored cars. The FBI had leaked the arrest to the CNN so they could be there with cameras etc. They employed bull horns which Stone’s deaf wife could not hear.

So hear we have the Deep State FBI employing SWAT tactics with the liberal yellow press at their side? All for a process crime? Meaning, Roger Stone may have lied under oath. Meanwhile, the liberal yellow press attack the 2nd Amendment in the face of an unhinged FBI? This is what the Founders warned us about.

This heavy handed and absurd arrest of Roger Stone reminds me of how Hitler’s SS arrested Brown shirt leader Ernst Rohm during the “Night of the Long knives!” Meuller’s SS shows up with CNN, the liberal yellow press of choice for the Deep State.

In 1933, Hitler, Goering, and Himmler had created a dossier of trumped up charges to justify Ernst Rohm’s arrest because the Brown Shirts competed with the SS for power in Hitler’s Germany. Today, Donald Trump, a duly elected president is competing with the entrenched Clinton/Bush/Obama Deep State for power. In fact, the Bush and Obama administrations absconded the 4th Amendment and allowed rogue SS style FBI agents to exploit the Patriot Act to put presidential candidates under surveillance. The behavior parrallels that of Hitler’s Nazi Party where all Germans were subject to surveillance.

My German Grand father was a veteran of WWI and a conservative Senator during the Wiemar Republic. He was sent to Dachau for not taking the oath to Hitler. During the “Night of the Long Knives” he went into hiding. The family farm was taken away as well. Later his children would be forced to attend Hitler Youth indoctrination. Today, liberals want our children to be subject to LGBT indoctrination in kindergarten.

Today the liberal yellow press arm of Robert Meuller’s SS care little about the Watergate style corruption and illegal behavior. In fact, none of Meuller’s SS have been prosecuted for lying under oath and the liberal yellow press doesn’t even yawn. We have never witnessed this level of government corruption or media bias in our baby boomer lifetimes.

Today, the Deep State officials Hillary Clinton and John McCain elevated an Ernst Rohm style dossier called the Steel dossier. This Steele dossier of trumped up charges and outright lies has been used to attack a sitting president that is seen as a threat to the Deep State or SS if you will. This Steele dossier and it’s application is a duplicate of the Rohm dossier only the characters have been changed. You cant make this shit up.

The list of Deep State cronies that lied under oath is extremely long, however, if the individual is affiliated with the Democratic anti-American Socialist party, they are protected from the law. This makes them simply Nazi-esque Storm Troopers that are protected by the corrupt DAZI party. DAZis for short.

Today, the FBI only goes after Republicans that are not part of the Bush/Obama/Clinton Deep State. It started with general Petraeus, and continued with Flynn and many others. However, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Bush, Obama, Clinton, and dozens of government officials that lied to the American people go unpunished.

Robert Meuller has assumed the tactics of the German SS, Gestapo and the KGB. The Liberal yellow press has become police state run media that engages in Goebbels-esque propaganda tactics. We thought this could not happen in America. The Government by the people, for the people has become a corrupt Deep State entity with corrupt henchmen that pick and chose how the law is applied. today, normal Americans are sentenced to jail time if they do not pledge allegiance to the Mueller, Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff DAZI party.

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