Rick Perry knocks the National Press Club’s socks off

While Rand Paul was seeking an audience with Cliven Bundy in Bunkerville, Nevada, and the Marijuana industrial complex in Denver, Colorado, Rick Perry was giving an awesome speech to the National Press Club.

It is a certainty that Governor Perry is an excellent orator and way more effective than he was in 2012.  In the words of Zack Mayo,  “I got nowhere else to go!”

I gave Rand a shot, but he let me down on Cuba’s liberty, talking with a known racist, and seeking audience with Colorado drug dealers. Plus, Rand Paul is a 1/2 term senator in the mold of Barack Obama. America needs another senator running this country like a hole in the head.

Sure did like the light blue paisley tie the president of the National Press Club was wearing.  Maybe , just maybe, he will see fit to send me one just like it. Thanks for giving Rick the time and respect he deserves. Oh and a mug too.





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