Rick Perry hires inexperienced grad student as foreign policy advisory.

As second in command of the Nichols Expedition, Brodheads from Yorkshire, England disembarked Man-O-Wars leading 400 British Dragoons and took New Amsterdam. We then called it New York. In 1776, Brodheads rose up against British Tyranny before George Washington even got out of bed. During the 1840s, Brodheads would debate the big issues of the day from slavery to a war with Mexico. We then would support the troops and also fight a long side Robert E. Lee, and U.S. Grant. We would fight under the command of  General Franklin Pierce and be present when the American flag was hoisted over the Chapultepec castle and the San Patricos hung. During the Civil war, we would take bullets for emancipation and also be an Emancipation commissioner in Washington DC for Abraham Lincoln.

We would serve in Congress with Sam Houston and also author the bill that paid off Texas’s debt which was accrued during the Texas revolution. Our name would also be on all of the newly created territories as a result of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  We would author the the bill that funded the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad. So, from establishing English speaking rule to standing with George Washington and then populating our Manifest destiny, the American story is the Brodhead story.

I personally have flown the world and am legacy Air Force. I have been to over 500 cities across the globe and almost every US military airfield on planet earth. My father would serve in the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam. My uncle would fly the B-52 as part of Operation Chromedome or “Airborne nuclear alert!” A Brodhead, until I retired in 2006, had served continuously in the Army Air corp and USAF since 1943.

As a C-130 pilot, Rick Perry worked with old crusty Flight Engineers that knew the aircraft. Whenever he had a technical question, he would turn to look at the C-130 Engineer and ask questions like: ” Hey Engineer we got a red light on number 3 engine oil pressure, please get out the Dash-1 and lets run the engine shutdown checklist’ “copilot confirm red light and low oil pressure on number!” two,” “confirm pilot!”  Bold print T handling number 3 engine, Engineer “Engine shutdown checklist!” Then the pilot would have the Engineer run all the fuel plots while looking for an alternate airfield to land.   A good pilot ran an egoless environment and used the expertise of the crew. A good pilot understands synergy and gaining consensus before acting. The more technically qualified the crew, the greater the synergy when working problems. A bad pilot was an ego driven asshole know it all that was handed his flying career on a platter.

Anyways, instead of looking over his shoulder and asking an old crusty Flight Engineer to be a policy adviser on foreign affairs, he enlists a college student? Thats like asking a passenger to run the “Landing Gear emergency extension checklist” and run two engine approach speed.

Countless times, I transported the wounded from Iraq to Germany. As part of the DOD air evacuation system, I have performed air evacuations from Europe to DC and Japan to  Texas. Many times, C-141 aircrews would haul flag draped caskets. Aircrews understand the ramifications of war. Unlike book smart neocon ass kisser wannabes, soldiers hate war, especially stupid ones.

George Bush avoided Vietnam and then barely showed up to fly at his Texas Air Guard unit.  I mean, in lieu of fighting for his country in the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam, GW got a job flying a high performance fighter somewhere deep in the heart of Texas.  Then all he has to show for it is a blurry pay stube?  Bush then plunged America into unnecessary war and destabilized the Middle east. In hindsight, Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld had the collective foreign policy objectivity of a  420 stoner taking remedial international relations 99 at a community college.

Rick Perry talks about the experience of a grizzled aircraft commander with 20,000 hours versus a fresh low time book knowledge pilot. Then he hires a grad student to be his foreign policy adviser? The only wounded soldier or flag draped patriot this fella ever saw was in a Time magazine or on the internet.

I lived our national interest for decades while this guy reads a book? In fact, as a C-141B/C Flight Engineer, I have been to more places than Rick Perry. My accumulation of flying time amounts to 8 hours a day Monday through Friday excluding weekends and holidays for two full years. Each trip to the far points of the earth was a learning experience. That is why I was a flyer.

Perry was C-130 low and slow. I was travelling on the most beloved jet in Air Force history.  We got there in half the time. I guess serving with Sam Houston, paying off Texas debt, and being a USAF Flight Engineer ranks lower than a college student that has not been over the pond.

Solid leaders surround themselves with experience. But hiring a grad student as a policy adviser, Perry has undermined his foreign policy credentials and is playing a weak hand. In closing, any foreign policy adviser should understand the devastating human cost of war. As it is, Rick Perry’s choice is at the level of George Bush during Vietnam. A fella who has never served in war and hardly ever showed up to fly. I guess Rick Perry does not have confidence in a bright and experienced enlisted man. I plug for him in 2012 and he kicks me off his facebook. I guess once Air Force always Air Force does not apply to Rick baby.

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