Republican donors abandon Trump and focus on House and Senate races

In the democrat’s world, half of all Americans are considered old racist white people. If however,  these deplorable humans vote for Hillary Clinton then their demons are exorcised and they become part of the DNC collective. The core of the Democratic party wants free welfare, free housing, free education and free healthcare. If one does not believe in this liberal construct of massive wealth redistribution, then one is labeled a racist . If one does not believe in elevating sodomy to that of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, then one is a bigot. In America, democrats welcome Muslim refugees with free housing while our veterans live under bridges. In America, democrats will bankrupt small business owners for not selling a wedding cake to gays and lesbians while seeking Clinton Foundation donations from countries that execute gays or cut their heads off. In America, mosques that preach hate are off limits while Christians are constantly attacked as being extremists?

Hillary Clinton is a cheerleader for the BLM. She has sided with looters and cop killers while condemning police departments across the country. She feels that our local police departments must be taken over by the Federal government. She wants to expand the Federal  police state.  She also believes in totally open borders and  illegal immigrants from the far reaches of South America are welcomed in this country. Meanwhile, tax paying citizens can be put under surveillance without a court order. She will arm AlQaeda and ISIS while seeking to overturn the 2nd Amendment here at home.

As a globalist, Hillary Clinton wants America to give up its sovereignty completely and allow 600 million people from other western hemisphere countries access to this country . In Hillary’s world, illegal immigrants have more right to life in this country than the innocent unborn. In Hillary’s world, a baby during it’s 9th month in the womb can be  pulled from the womb and murdered on cold stainless steel..

As far as Donald Trump, lets face it, he is totally unfit for the presidency. Moreover, Republicans do not want the executive in 2016, because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton own 8 years of the inept monetary policy. They own all the consequences at this juncture. In addition, Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Clinton Foundation corruption  during her tenure as SOS is just now coming to the surface. Her administration will be racked with corruption investigations.

Donald Trump has spelled it out for Republicans. We either become way more inclusive or we simply do not win. We have to adapt to the changing demographic or we will never put a conservative in the White House.

Republicans must simply abandon Donald Trump and focus on House and Senate races.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton will barter our nation’s sovereignty for Clinton Foundation donations and power. In order for the Democratic socialist establishment to pay for their welfare-warfare state, they will attempt to open the borders and recruit hundreds of millions of immigrants to pay for their entitlement state. So, the solution to deficits will be eliminating United States sovereignty and add tax payers. Then again, one is racist if one does not believe in this scheme. Only Democrats will execute babies and then invite hundreds of immigrants via open borders.

In the final analysis, the liberal yellow press has basically become the state-run media for the DNC. There is no such thing as non-biased journalism because 75% of journalists are on the yellow press payroll. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt lying political whore that will offer up America’s sovereignty to the globalist agenda for Clinton Foundation donations and power. This is a sad chapter in American history.


It is time to light the fires of liberty and make certain that Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” Clinton says in an excerpt from a speech to Unibanco Itau, a Brazilian bank. “We have to resists protectionism [and] other kinds of barriers to market access and to trade.”


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