Rand Paul re-establishing the traditional standard of American liberty.

As second in command of the Nichols expedition in 1664, Captain Daniel Brodhead disembarked British Man-O-Wars and led the troops that took New Amsterdam. We would call it New York and Establish English Speaking rule.

In 1776, Brodheads would rise against British tyranny and be with George Washington’s last 2500 at Valley Forge. Three Brodhead brothers and a few sons would fight for our liberty and freedom.

The “Declaration of Independence” and the “Bill of Rights” are written with the blood of Brodheads.

My German grand father was a senator in the Wiemar Republic. He would be on Hitlers hit list in 1933 when Hitler became chancellor of Germany. He would spend time at Dachau before Neville Chamberlains appeasement event.  Of course, Hitler would then plunge Germany into “total war.”

Today, perpetual war mongering neocon ass kissers evoke the Neville Chamberlain card at the drop of a hat.

Today, Washington DC establishment Neocon ass kissing Republicans want to plunge America into decades and decades of perpetual war. They will seek to pad the stock values of special interest with the blood of our soldiers. 

Americans do not want to allow the American federal government to regress into a Joseph Goebbels style police state. We can already see how both the Bush and Obama administrations have supported wholesale surveillance of the American people which is counter to our “Bill of Rights!” We can already see the federal government regressing to total war abroad while doing nothing here at home.. While our soldiers were fighting and dying for the rights of religious extremists 10,000 miles away, the Bush dynasty was actively back stabbing our soldiers 4th amendment rights here at home. In addition, both Obama and Clinton turned their backs on the “Bill of Rights!”

The federal government must be afraid of “We the people!” 

It seems while other Republican candidates have adapted platforms that undermine the Constitution  and violate the content of “Washington’s farewell address”, Rand Paul is fighting for our rights. He is re-establishing our traditional standards of freedom under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As it is, Americans cannot trust, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, or any of the Neocon ass kissing establishment candidates. We cannot trust them to stand for our Bill of Rights or re-establish a sound foreign relations policy. In fact, many are eager to commit the lives of our children to perpetual war just for political donations.

The baby boomer that rioted in the streets of Vietnam have yet to rise against the wholesale abuse of our military. They stand idly by as our federal government deploys troops a dozen times in 10 years. Under Bush and Obama, the VA budget has expanded from $50 billion to $178 billion with a VA claim back log of 1 million . The cost of Iraq will end up eclipsing $6 trillion over the next 50 years. But still, many Republican candidates are evoking the Neville Chamberlain card on ISIS in Iraq, and want to spend another trillion and the blood of patriots for extremists 10,000 miles away. They want to commit the lives of our children to a Sunni /Shiite civil war. A war Republicans created in the first place by deposing Saddam Hussein.

It is time for a renewed vision for America here at home. It is time to rest the soldiers. It is time to reestablish our own freedoms, our economy, and a balanced foreign policy going forward.  It is time to secure the border, fix our monetary policy, and recreate the American dream. It is time for Rand Paul.

A solid commander in chief uses the military in responsible ways . None of the other Republican candidates have proven that they will be good custodians of our military. In fact, they are dangling more  war  as a platform, and will trade more American deaths for special interest consideration and political donations.

So, give to Rand instead. Together we can re-establish traditional values of liberty and freedom under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Together, we can recreate a sound economy. Together, we can ensure that the next presidential administration  and cabinet have the talent, intellectual capacity, and diplomacy to fix  the Middle east. A quagmire that was created under Bush, Obama and Hillary  Clinton.

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