President Trump burying the Bush and Obama era

Bush junior would exploit 911 for wars of choice and perpetuate the collapse of a proven Cold War construct in the Middle East. Even though the Northern and Southern No-fly zones were working extremely well, Bush junior felt that deconstructing Saddam Hussein’s successful control of radical Islam was a national interest.  In the meantime, low-interest rates and irrational exuberance would lead to the collapse of the American economy. Bush junior would leave Barack Hussein Obama a big mess to clean up.

Barack Hussein Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. He ran an anti-war campaign and condemned the Iraq surge while our soldiers were still on the battlefield, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Of course, John Boehner would serenade Barack Obama and force the community activist out of the closet. Boehner and Barack, in Brokeback mountain fashion, would declare their allegiance to the neo-con agenda and utter hundreds of billions in additional war spending. Barack would then go on to a surge in Iraq and Afghanistan while attacking other foreign nations.

Barack Obama would apologize for America in front of the Brandenburg gate, and then leave Berlin a million dollar cleanup bill. Then after destabilizing the Middle East by allowing the rise of ISIS, he left Germany and other European countries a massive refugee cleanup bill.  Instead of apologizing for his pathetic foreign policy and divisive domestic policy, he would leave office with an arrogant tone of political invisibility.  Michelle would then tell everyone how bad America was when Trump took office. She was only proud of America when she was the first lady. When the Obama’s are not in charge, America regresses to “white racists in charge” and worthy of contempt.

Today, in lieu of apologizing for America, Trump is restoring sanity and respect for the shining city on the hill. Unlike Barack Obama whose foreign policy was a hybrid of abuse of the War Powers Act and  Middle East Munchhausen syndrome by proxy,” Trump is seeking to restore respect for the sovereignty of nation-states across the world. Unlike Bush junior, Trump is smart enough to realize that every military option results in tragic levels of human displacement and refugee crisis. This suggests that Trump’s understanding of foreign relations is well beyond both Bush and Obama who enacted tragically stupid foreign policies. In fact, they shit all over Washington’s FarewelAddressss.

In hind site, Bush and Obama ran the worst foreign and domestic policies in the history of this great nation. Bush facilitated the rise of the neo-con agenda, a police state, and the wholesale destruction of the Bill of Rights. Barack would then double down on all things Bush and did the exact opposite of what he ran on. Barack’s legacy is perpetual war,  the Middle East in ruin, $10 trillion more in national debt, expanded Federal oppression and stifling regulation,  The tripling of health care costs, division, and the rise of the lunatic left.  Of course, Republicans are considered racists when they seek to bury the divisive past and move forward.

At this juncture, Trump doesn’t need to apologize for a damn thing.


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Image result for Donald trump united nations

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