Obama’s “continuous quantitative easing” the gift that keeps giving

Hey Steny here is a dose of the reality that you created!!!!

It should be called Obama’s Continuous quantitative interest on the national debt.

While Barack Obama engaged in petty social wedge issues, perpetual war , regime change and orchestrating a massive Middle East refugee crisis, the Fed ran the economy. The Fed maintained almost zero prime interest rates during the entire Obama presidency. Americans were offered .15% interest rates for savings accounts. Hence, Americans invested heavily into the stock market.

Other aspects of the Obama era was a toxic asset and Treasury bond repurchase. The Fed would buy U.S. Treasury notes so the U.S. Treasury could issue new low-interest bonds. Some would call it debt monetization. Meanwhile, Obama pushed the pedal to the metal on government spending and doubled the national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. Of course now as the Fed raises interest rates rapidly during the Trump administration, the interest on the national debt will eclipse Medicare, Social Security, and the military by 2021. So, while Obama was shipping arms from Benghazi, creating ISIS, and elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, he was also spending money like an idiot. His economic incompetence has created a national debt payment problem that every president will have to deal with forever. In fact, the Bush and Obama debt will probably bring the government to its knees. The victims will be seniors with zero COLA increases and artificially created inflation via printed FIAT currency.

The guy whose greatest economic achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house turned out to be no economic messiah. Instead, we got a big government idiot and a closet neo-con. In fact All of Obama’s policies were a failure from the Middle East to managing domestic issues and government spending. He basically phucked everything up.

Obama ran interference for his neocon perpetual war penchants and money spending by dangling social wedge issues in our faces. He ran interference for economic incompetence by attacking traditional marriage, inspiring division along racial lines, and poddy training the school system.

Today Steny Hoyer is simply full of shit. Steny Hoyer paraded over $15 trillion in national debt and now he is telling us that Trump is having a temper tantrum over $5 billion for the border wall. Obama was willing to shut the government down several times over petty issues while running up the debt by $10 trillion.

This is the reality of a trillion dollar national debt interest payment and the ultimate tax on government and Fed stupidity. This is the reality that Obama, Steny Hoyer, Schumer, Pelosi, and George W. Bush caused. This the dose of reality that all Americans must now face. Steny Hoyer’s reality!!!! Steny, quit running interference for your ineptitude and just resign. You have done enough!!!! You and your buddy Schumer have done more to destroy the American dream than any other politicians in US history. For the love of Pete just resign already. You worthless condescending revisionist ass!

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Image result for fed interest rate chart
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