Nobody likes Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee, the Chicken Little of the DAZI party!

Those Washingtonians that follow Jay Inslee understand that he is basically a tax and spend moron. Probably the most tax happy enviro-fascist in the country. Last year, he dropped to his knees and performed political fellatio on Mike Bloomberg for a million dollar enviro-fascist bribe. He then used this million dollar bribe in an attempt to pass a pollution tax on Washingtonians that would have equated to billions in additional taxation.

Jay Inslee does not care about keeping taxes low on tax paying Washington residents. In fact, Washington Democrats manufacture causes that are unnecessary and then expect soft in the head Seattle liberals to pass the bills. It is quite clear that the Democrats in Olympia know how to manipulate the mentally inferior and politically exploitable Democratic Socialist liberal in King county. All they have to do is dangle the race card, the bigot card, or the sky is falling enviro-fascist card, and liberals roll over onto their backs and wag their tails. Jay Inslee and his liberal nincompoops know full well that their air head liberal Seattle supporters will not even read the bill. It is sad that the emotionally manipulated among us run the State of Washington.

Instead of leaving Washington better off than he found it, Jay Inslee wants to do a full court press on taxation and then run for president. He wants an income tax to go along with a really high sales tax. He wants a capital gains tax on residential property to go along with massive property taxes and 28 levies. He wants people that sell a residential property to pay a 2% excise tax as well. Then there is a carbon tax, a gas tax, car tabs, fees, and any other tax he can think of. Jay Inslee is obsessed with taxing Washingtonians and taking cash fuel from the Puget Sound. If one thinks about it, all the Democrats in Olympia offer is more taxation for Utopian pipe dream programs and one is a racist or bigot if one does not support the agenda.

The biggest Catch 22 is that Jay Inslee and Democratic Socialist down play the epic Trump economy but will seek to exploit it via massive taxation campaigns.

It is all about Jay Inslee. It is all about his vanity. He really could care less about Washingtonians. To him, the governorship is more about a stepping stone in his quest for Democratic Socialist greatness. It is all about his vanity and how much money he can leverage from soft in the head Seattle liberal in order to achieve his own twisted objectives. Jay Inslee is a political slut and an economic policy douche bag. He dropped to his knees for Mike Bloomberg political donations so he could finance a taxation scam on the Washington tax payer. Now he is trying to take his self absorbed tax and spend persona nation wide.

As a protege to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and a supporter of the “New Green deal,” Jay Inslee’s demonstrative enviro-fascist policies will spell the kiss of death to Boeing and the Puget Sound aviation industry. Put that in your gear driven PW1000G and smoke it! In fact, everything that Jay Inslee stands for will adversely affect the Puget Sound in a multitude of ways! This is fact! So, Jay Inslee wants to exploit soft in the head liberal Seattle morons in order to eliminate the Boeing aircraft Company? At this juncture, we either make a stand or the Puget Sound economy dies a horrific death.

The good news is that because of the DNC ran interference for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders, the fraud socialist nincompoop is the front runner for 2020. That means that a full 50% of the Democratic Socialist party are full on Maduro/Castro/Sanders socialists. The rest of the field are hate whitey race baiting identity politics candidates, dingbats, opportunists, leftist extremists, open borders proponents, and extreme enviro-fascists. Wow, sounds like Jay Inslee in a nut shell. Go ahead Inslee, use Washingtonians as a stepping stone and run for king of the DAZI party ( Democratic anti-American Sovereignty Socialists) .

The final question is when are the Seattle Times and TNT going to figure out that the DAZI party of Washington state are a bunch of tax and spend frauds for big government that are killing off prosperity in the Puget Sound? Lastly, Westneat sucks!!!!


  • Kamala Harris 15%
  • Joe Biden 8%
  • Cory Booker 1%
  • Bernie Sanders 43%
  • Sherrod Brown 3%
  • Amy Klobuchar 6%
  • Beto O’Rourke 4%
  • Elizabeth Warren 9%
  • Jay Inslee 0%
  • Other 2%
  • Unsure 3%

Stephan Brodhead: author , writer, blogger, aircraft technician, flight engineer, custom home builder, contractor, handyman, auto mechanic and shop owner, real estate investor, Air Force veteran, Cold war and Iraq war veteran, entrepreneur and Republican National Committee member. … Oh and we established English speaking rule etc. etc.

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