Newt Gingrich left Brodheads out of his Valley Forge book

In August of 1664, Captain Daniel Brodhead, second in command of the Nichols Expedition would lead the 400 British soldiers that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam.  On August 28th, 1664, English speaking rule would be established.

100 years later, his grandsons would rise up against British Tyranny.  Daniel, Brodhead, Luke Brodhead, Garrette Brodhead and Daniel’s son Ensign would fight for freedom. Luke would defend the Guns of Ticonderoga. He would then fight at the Battle Of Long Island where he was wounded, captured and inturned on a British prison ship on the Hudson. Daniels son Ensign would also end up wounded on a disease-ridden British prison ship. Daniel would defend Washington’s retreat across the East River and tend the fires on the Manhattan side of the river. He would then march with Washington’s ragtag army as it retreated to Pennsylvania. An event  as depicted by Thomas Paine’s book “The American Crisis,”  A The time that tried men’s souls!”

Garrett Brodhead the oldest brother ( My Great Plus Grand Father) would be in the Pennsylvania militia on the western frontier.

Luke and Ensign would later be paroled. Luke would be General Marques De Lafayette’s Aid De Camp at Valley Forge. Daniel would be the first to talk about VA benefits for the offspring of the fallen and drilled the troops before  Baron Von Steuben even showed up.

The house depicted below needs to be renovated. It is part of the National Park Service.

The house is also where Ex Congressman William Brodhead’s lineage comes from. A fella that Newt Gingrich knows really well.

Newt can make up for leaving us out of his Valley Forge book by helping us get the word out.

Oh and Newt used Thorton Fleming Brodhead’s Civil war death scene with Jeb Stuart’s men in his awesome Civil war trilogy.  Thorton would raise the 1st Michigan Cavalry. Later George Armstrong Custer would take command.

Robert E. Lee would have to ride through the mounted ranks of the 1st Michigan on his way to Appomattox courthouse.

Democratic Congressman William Brodhead helped Newt cut capital gains tax down during the Reagan era.

Time for a little payback Newt! Or better yet “Please  Speaker Gingrich and  fellow patriot!!!!!

The photo was taken from the internet and article written without  Congressman William Brodhead’s knowledge or consent.

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