Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signs Las Vegas Raider Stadium Bill

Technology has a way of impacting society. Back when Nevada became a state, Pony Express riders would cover about 250 miles in a 24 hour period. A trip from Missouri to California took about 10 days. Once the transcontinental telegraph was finished,  information traveled at the speed of light via Morris code. Today, the rise of the internet along with an expansive media, information can reach every corner of the world within seconds.

The internet has had a tremendous impact on American society. It has affected moral relativism as well as journalistic integrity. Now, biased yellow press media can tweet and facebook untruths or elevate presidential candidates that are corrupt lying narcissistic liars or inept reality show hosts. In fact, the internet and media have the ability to set and maintain the tone of American society. They tell us what is politically correct, how to think and what to say. Morals, values , and ethics bore from 10,000 years of human experience are destroyed within days. Traditions are undermined for new moral relativism.

The liberal yellow press treats Americans like sheep, and they are the sheep dogs.

Today the liberal Yellow press has made a mockery out of the presidential race. They have done a complete disservice to America and have totally undermined our leadership structure.

In Nevada, however, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is taking care of business and getting things done for the future of Nevada and Nevada’s children. he continues to do an excellent job. In the State of Nevada, proactive legislators are passing far-reaching visionary  legislation that will create tens of thousands of jobs and secure economy for decades and decades to come.



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