Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval pushes Las Vegas Raider stadium through Nevada Senate.

When Paul Allen wanted a stadium, he ponied up some cash. The Washington State legislature then acquired the rest of the money from added hotel taxes and  property excise tax. Once the Seahawks stadium was paid for, the funding mechanism stopped. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is doing the same thing minus property tax increases. Given that Las Vegas has utter thousands and thousands of  hotel rooms, the funding mechanism is quite ingenious.

During the offseason, many Reno, and Las Vegas-based  Casino hotel rooms become available forcing Casino hotel owners to lower room rates just to cover expenses. An added hotel room tax represents only a small amount taxation that is paid for by vacationers etc.  hence, the tax does not fall on the general populous of Nevada.

When the Las Vegas stadium is built and is up and operational, Casino Hotels will see a massive uptick in room stays from Las Angeles, San Diego , and Salt Lake City etc. So not only will the stadium attract NFL fans, these same NFL fans, as well as foreign vacationers, will pay for the stadium. Copious revenue will be gained via legal Fantasy Football gaming during games etc. Then there is the employment related to ticket sales, vendors, athletic gear, transportation, food distribution, parking fees, and countless other job creating by-products.

The Las Vegas NFL stadium funding mechanism is the same funding mechanism that was successfully employed in Seattle. so the Nevada House  should look at the Las Vegas stadium as a win-win-Wynn across the board.

Meanwhile, my Fantasy football team Brodcos are 5-0.

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