Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to declare a national emergency on the 2nd Amendment

Oh my word! Nancy Pelosi’s personal epidemic of irrational thought and incompetence continues. In Pelosi’s world, killing a 9 month old fetus is morally ok, but a border wall is immoral? Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her DAZI party make no distinction between legal immigrants that wait in line and illegal caravans full of disease ridden criminals, gang members and rapists. In her world, it is ok for coyotes to rape young illegal grisl attemting to cross the border. It is also ok for DAZI party officials in Virginia to rape women in college and still stay in power. The Catch 22s are significant.

In response to Donald Trump possibly declaring a national emergency on the border, Pelosi is suggesting that the next Democrat president declare an emergency on the 2nd Amendment? What is this dingbat suggesting? The 2nd Amendment is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. There is no Bill of Rights for illegals crossing the border. Border security is authorized via the Constitution. Trump has legal authority to protect and defend the USA.

Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat. At 78 years old, she is at the twilight of her life and seems to be losing her mind. Wow, Pelosi supports massive illegal immigration and is now threatening to take our guns if we do not allow illegals to enter this country. In Pelosi’s world illegals have more right in this country than the 2nd Amendment. WTF????? Seriously WTF???

Republicans cling to their guns and religion.

Democratic Socialists or DAZI party members cling to 9 month old fetus extermination and the illegal immigrant reconquista. Oh my word!!!

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