Nancy Pelosi refuses to provide humanitarian assistance to Border children (final update)

At 80 years old, Nancy Pelosi has lost her ability to be majority leader of the House. She is both incompetent and ridiculously disconnected from our country’s current border crisis. She is just a waste of the American people’s time and resources. Her incompetence is causing great harm to the children of illegals.

All Donald Trump has to do is call up a logistical support group of the National Guard and he fixes the child crisis in short order. He then holds a nationally televised news conference after the DNC debates. .

Donald Trump is eating the Democratic Socialists alive. Folks are abandoning the Democrat party in droves. They have had enough of the idiocy and control agenda. All Trump has to do to further disrupt the free press is to hold a news conference onf the border crisis and explain the time line.

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Socialist party is so thick that you can cut it with a chainsaw. Pelosi says she supports the divine right of illegal children while supporting wholesale infanticide for the children of legal tax paying citizens. In Pelosi’s world, an illegal child has more right to life on American soil than the innocent beating hearts of the legal unborn. However, the children of illegals do not have a right to three hots and a cot only inept political posturing. To make a point with Trump, she lets children sleep on the floor with limited health care.

While Pelosi might support transparency and the vision for some sort of cultural detention center, the children need food and supplies right now. Trump is working to simply eliminate the immigrant convoys and control the border . Pelosi wants a massive detention center in order to support her open borders agenda? WTF??? She is delusional.

The Democrats are not playing from the same sheet of music. AOC says that the border detention centers are basically concentration camps. Meanwhile, Pocahontas and Bernie Socialist are offering free education and free student loan repayment. The other candidates want to “tear down this wall!”. Jay Inslee is telling everyone that the sky is falling. De Blazio laughed and lit up the Big Apple when New York passed a baby infanticide law that allows the poisoning a infant brains as the vagina dilates. DC insider Joe Biden say he will cure cancer for the vote. Oh my word.

Of course, the Dems will say that there is a Republican war on women as they support uncut transgenderd biological dudes with fake tits and razor stubble to compete against female athletes in high-school and NCAA. In K thru 12, students have to wade through poddy politics, gender pronouns, LGBTQ indoctrination, and drag queens reading decadent propagand to little children in the library. In their world, Mother Teresa spoke hate speech and dirty old man Bruce Jenner is woman of the year. They eliminated Christ from the school. They made homosexual conversion therapy illegal only to insist on teaching homosexuality, transgender-ism and gender dysphoria to kindergartners. Christianity in the school system never led to massive institutionalized mental health issues among 5 year olds. Christ never led to transgender suicide consideration rates among teens that eclipse 50%. We have never witness this level of attacks on the family. “It takes a village” has become “it takes an LGBTQ indoctrination village.”

Now we have Nancy Pelosis telling us that children living on the floors of detention centers is OK and does not need additional Congressional funding to fix the immediate crisis.She cannot lead her House majority to simply help children. They will pass laws to kill children, but wont send immediate help to children lying on floors without mommies and daddies. Then again with all the Pelosi villages and human feces on the streets of her district, throwing money at humanitarian crisis hasn’t paid off. California is a taxation shit hole, and the streets are littered with tents and human excrement. Homeless and veterans are still homeless and illegals get free healthcare. Taking a deuce on the street is considered social enlightenment. No doggie bags either. So, Nancy Pelosi basically compartmentalizes humanitarian crisis in her own district in favor of identity politics BS. Really if she does not care about 50,000 homeless people defecating on the streets of San Francisco, how is she an authority on helping border children???? It is like saying entrenched Joe Biden can change Washington DC.

The Democrats refused to acknowledge that there is a border crisis. They then refused to cut a deal on DACA and the border wall. Now they are denying funding for children and letting them sleep on the floor.

At this juncture, Nancy Pelosi should step down. She is not a lioness for children because she fully supports infanticide and LGBTQ indoctrination. She couldn’t give a tinkers damn about children. At 80 years old, all she is capable of doing is showing up for a botox appointment, engaging in aged mouth theatrics, caking on the make up, and showing off her big tits here and there. She does not represent the American people or the children of immigrants. All she represents is an old woman engaging in the throes of mental collapse and a blend of identity politics, a socialist control agenda, Trump derangement syndrome, and distorted partisan hackery. She should resign and just be a grandmother to her offspring. She has no business as a dementia ridden 80 year old dictating policy for 300 million Americans. That ship has sailed. Sanity and commonsense are no longer a menu item.

The Democratic Socialist party is on the ropes. Their coalition will soon unravel.

Trump is kicking every pawn off of Pelosi’s chess board. Her power is at an end. The Democrat’s party is a conglomeration of idiots and extremists and an embarrassment.

Hold a news conference and put a steel rod through the heart of the Democratic Socialist carcass like “Robocop.” As it is, the Democratic Socialists are becoming quite toxic to the American people. It is time to run over them and take the Hispanic vote back. Just do it.

Uncle Donny deploy the Guard in all its logistics glory and then free press release. …. What are you waiting for. Time to harvest a massive Catch 22 gaffe….

Activate a military logistics unit and lets get the show on the road.

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