Kavanaugh selection destroys Obama’s kulturkampf kangaroo court (update)

After the devastating defeat at the Battle of Long Island, Washington, and his troops held a defensive position at Brooklyn Heights. They could either wait for the massive defeat that would come in the morning which spelled the end of the American Revolution or they could high tail it across the East River.  Colonel Daniel Brodhead of the 8th Pennsylvania regiment would be tasked with covering Washington’s retreat to the Manhattan side. He would be on the last boats that crossed the River. On the West side of the River, Daniel Brodhead would tend the fires under the command of Thomas Mifflin an original signer of the Constitution.  They would fool Howes forces into thinking they were remaining to put up a fight. However, all that Howe had to do was sail his armada northward on the Hudson and the East River and trap Washington’s forces on Manhattan island. Hence, Washington fled to Fort Washington in order to cross the Hudson and retreat to Pennsylvania. A time that tried men’s souls. Meanwhile, Luke and Ensign Brodhead would be captured and inturned on a disease-ridden British prison ship. To Brodhead’s. the Constitution and Bill of Rights are sacred documents that cannot be infringed upon.

Even though King Hussein taught Constitutional law, he would regularly bend over the Constitution and Bill of Rights and defecate on them. The Democrats in the House and Senate are a laughable embarrassment to the country.

Donald Trump lit the fires of freedom today when he nominated a strict Constitutionalist. Kavanaugh will tend the fires of Constitutional law, while the remaining liberals on the court attempt to fool us into thinking they are valid interpreters of our Constitutional document.   In reality, they are liberal clowns that vote along partisan hack lines and have zero credibility.

Now watch as Durbin, Schumer, Pelosi,  Waters, Harris, and Warren respond with unhinged contemptuous liberal diarrhea! We shall watch as these masquerading fools regurgitate illogical liberal garbage.  Let us watch as Schumer engages in his signature seemly, verbose and nonsensical verbal caca. Schumer is a moron.

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