Kathy Griffin’s completely scripted media event

In reality, CNN  was about to cut Kathy Griffin from the New year’s celebration. In addition, Kathy Griffin’s  career is swirling the toilet after numerous cosmetic surgeries etc.

Anyways, it seems that Kathy Griffin felt she could exploit the liberal left by doing something outlandish, hence, she did a picture with a trump decapitated head as “terms of endearment!”   Of course, it was a play on the ISIS theme, and Kathy Griffin was posturing to become the Kathy Griffin Al Bigbaghdaddy of the comedy world. She figured that all the liberal idiot free press would give her media exposure and a show like Bill Mahr. of course, not to be outdone, Bill Mahr calls himself a “house N word, on national TV.

So, for intelligent people, what Kathy Griffin has done is stage an event in order to better her standing with the intolerant left.  She basically thinks that all people are stupid and will not be savvy to her political and career building shenanigans.

At this juncture and given that Kathy Griffin has treated all Americans as low intelligence fungus, she must be sanctioned. Her scripted theater did not work and she has insulted the public.

Kathy Griffin fits like a glove with the lying and conniving Democratic party.

It is a good thing that “Squatty Potty”  dropped their sponsorship of Griffin. They found it appropriate to Squat over the aging unhinged narcissistic big mouth redhead and shit on he behaviorr. Bravo!!!


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