JZ and Beyonce the new owners of the Denver Broncos

It was November 2023. In the executive box sat JZ and Beyonce, the new owners of the Denver Broncos. With the new owners came a complete reshuffle of coaches and players along lines of color for the Broncos. 85% of coaches, staff and Denver Bronco organization employees replaced in favor of blacks. Eventhough the percentage of blacks in Colorado is about 4.5%, The New Bronco organization considered white employment to be white privlege, hence, Beyonce would purge the organization of whitey.

As far as the team depth chart, The only white players were the kicker and a few offensive linemen.  That would change to a 100% black draft and hiring process.

Beyonce, in animal farm fashion would send Thunder to the glue factory and replace the stallion with a black horse.

As the new owners of the Broncos, JZ and Beyonce would  increased ticket prices by 20%. Thousands of legacy season ticket holders would not renew. No shows at “Bloated stock exploitation field at mile high”  would balloon to 20,000 a game. Overall Bronco revenue would plummet from well over $400 million  a year, to a struggling $220 million. The valuation of the Denver Broncos would be reduced by 50%.

6 Decades of hard won Bronco fan Clientel would evaporate.

The Broncos no longer reflected the demographic, or the 50/50  political leanings of Colorado.

By 2024, ticket sales for the Broncos would plummet to the point that the 20,000 unpurchased Bronco tickets would be sold for $10 a piece. Bronco ticket sales  would collapse.  Jersey sales would collapse.

The once mighty Orange crush would regress to a despised organization.

Affiliated big betting business would also lose revenue. Hundresd of thousands of Coloradans would remove themselves from Bronco fandom.

The alternative was Bezos the billionaire. Bezos the fella who proffitted by the pandemic. Bezos the fella that conspired with the CCP to destroy 60% of small business.








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