Jeb Bush attempting to validate the “Courage and Consequences” of the failed Bush Doctrine

Jeb Bush understands that in order to win the presidency, if he gets nominated, he must  first rehabilitate his brother’s  foreign policy failure called the Bush doctrine. Once he and his  special interest $millions rehabilitate the Bush era, he will then seek to attack Hillary Clinton on her own foreign relations ineptitude. His entire foreign relations platform will be based on validating the misguided courage and negative consequences of the Bush war of choice in Iraq.  Of course, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton followed suit with the Bush doctrine by deposing  Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Of course this led to Benghazi and Christians being beheaded on the beach. It seems forcing the values of a western democracy on 7th century Islamic  religious retardation did not work out well  for Barack, George or Hillary.

Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. Stupid people do not learn from their own mistakes.

lets start with the dotcom bust shall we?  At the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency,  We could already see that the tech and dotcom heavy Nasdaq was ready to go bust. The Y2K conspiracy postponed the dotcom bust  into 2000. In March 2000, the Nasdaq collapsed from about 6000 to 1250. Millions of Americans lost huge percentages of their 401Ks as $6 trillion was lost from America’s retirement system.  Americans suffered through the dangling chad Florida fiasco, and then 911.  George Bush used 911 to build a coalition against Saddam Hussein. At the time, Americans were miserable in the face of financial catastrophe, political BS and being attacked by Saudi Arabian extremists. . Americans needed something to take their minds off  of market losses and irrational exuberance. We focused on Fallujah and the creation of a housing bubble propelled by low interest rates. Saddam Hussein became the object of evil for George Bush and  an opportunity for the military industrial complex to make a wind fall. In the military, we call it “shopping for wars!” The baby boomer was now too old to riot in the streets and the rest too busy staring at the internet and running up student loan debt.

Barack Obama monetary policies are setting up America for another housing bubble and another market collapse. 

Jeb Bush ran for governor of Florida and won. This was to take advantage of George Herbert Walker Bush’s solid reputation  and to shore up the Florida electoral college vote. Now, Jeb Bush is playing his Bush Dynasty hand.

In 2001, George Bush dispatched the Taliban in Afghanistan within a few short months. That could have been the end of it. Instead he launched into nation building. Then he turned his attention to Iraq so his political donors could make a windfall.  Americans were very subjective at the time, and most supported a war with Iraq. We did not understand that it takes a strongman dictator to control Sunni Shiite madness and 7th century logic.  We did not understand that a strong Iraq with solid functional ties to the US was essential for balance of power in the region. In hindsight, Americans wanted to take their minds off the massive loss of their 401k retirements and Iraq became the media object to do it. Plus Wolf Blitzer was chomping at the bit.

Anyways, we won the Iraq war, installed a Shiite government and then Barack Obama turned his back on Iraq and focused back on Afghanistan? In short order, a small force of Sunni fighters took back great swaths of Iraq when Shiite soldiers ran from their posts. ISIS as they are called, would then obtain utter billions in cash from Iraq banks, and a massive amount of US made military hardware abandoned by the Shiite led Iraqi forces. With this infusion of cash and military hardware, ISIS was able to expand to the door step of Baghdad and expand control of  Syria. Of course John Kerry, the winter soldier, first wanted to arm Syrian opposition, but now is simply trying to fix problems related to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama foreign relations incompetence. In lieu of a reset button, he is working full time to fix George Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama foreign relations incompetence.

Now in Syria, we have Bashir Assad and Syrian government forces pitted against several other factions vying for control in Syria. There are the Syrian opposition force, the Al Nusra front, the Kurds, and ISIS.

Bashir Assad has always supported a secular government where people of all religions go un-harrassed. ISIS on the other hand. likes to behead Christians, Shiites, and anyone they can get their hands on that is not a Sunni. But then again, Assad is a strongman dictator that likes to use chemical weapons on his own people. Some news agencies suggest that he has used chlorine gas on his own people 40 times. Stuck in the middle is the Syrian opposition forces. The only caveat? If we arm the opposition force, would they align themselves with ISIS given that they are predominately Sunni? Are they Syria’s Vietcong and simply applying a smoke show for ISIS? In some regard, without Assad’s power, Syria would be over run with Sunni extremists.  In fact, ISIS wants control of all of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. If this were to happen, Israel’s security is severely compromised. Most Americans now understand that removing Saddam Hussein precipitated the collapse of the Middle east. Jeb Bush has declared that he would do the same thing that his brother did and invade Iraq.

The South Vietnamese ran from the highlands. The Iraq soldier ran from their posts during Desert Storm. They gave up in droves during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The ran away from their posts in the face of 3,000 to 5,000 ISIS fighters. Every nation building enterprise that we have engaged in over the last 50 years has failed.  If they cannot stand up for themselves, why commit more American blood to foreign intervention? To do so is stupidity.

Rick Perry in attempt to insert himself into this foreign relations quagmire has brought Assad’s use of chlorine gas chemical weapons to light. This seems to be the same weapons of mass destruction premise that George Bush used as justification for the Iraq war. It also seems to be lock step with  Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Lindsey Graham, suggesting that Rick Perry is not his own man and vying for special interest consideration.  In addition, Barack Obama is now training Syrian opposition forces in Jordan. So, Rick, how about elaborating a little more since you are a genius at foreign policy.  Do we depose Assad and allow  Syria to plunge into an expanded civil war or do we seek diplomatic measures? Do we seal off the borders and let them fight it out or do we put boots on the ground?

George Bush’s war of choice will end up costing between $ 4 trillion and $6 trillion.  Bush’s war become a weapon of mass spending and deficits. Under is custodial responsibility, the VA budget ballooned 6 times. While seniors are getting zero COLAs and the Social Security surplus was spent in Iraq, the VA budget will soon hit $200 billion a year.  Syria has about the same population as Iraq. However, the combined might of Sunni’s from both Iraq and Syria present a much larger challenge than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. A war against ISIS would cost another $4 to $6 trillion and double the VA budget to $400 billion. Of course it would all be deficit spending.  Then of course, we would have to nation build and spend billions while America’s infrastructure crumbles and our DOD aviation fleet is 60 years old.

Rick, I am pulling for you, but I need a little more, and don’t make a fool of yourself. I am questioning the content of your foreign policy. Of all the candidates, you seem to have the most experience, but what makes you better than the trifecta idiocy of Jeb, Scott and Lindsey? They have dropped to their knees for special interest wars of choice.

Oh and then there is Turkey, NATO, the Kurds wanting a nation state, Yemen,  Ssaudi Arabia, Iran, the Ukraine, the rise of China dominance.

America now realizes that George Bush’s “Mission accomplished,” basically screwed up a  tried and true “Cold War style ”  balance of power in the Middle east.  Americans now know that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove  fooled us into employing an  inept foreign policy and destroying decades of  a  balance in the Middle east. Now, Jeb Bush is dipping his toe into the waters of war for his special interest donors.  He is looking for a few more million in donations as he bobbles like a puppet on a string.  Jeb Bush considers the American voter as simply stupid cattle. He considers the soldier as a vehicle for war profit.  The Bush family no longer speaks for us.

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