Jeb Bush and the love shack

Americans are looking for a new leader that will not support the status quo of rampant Federal parasitic spending and inept foreign policy. We want a leader we can respect. We need to be told the truth. We need a leader that will make the hard choices for the good of the country and America’s children.

When I think of jeb Bush, it reminds me of “Subway!” I mean Jeb Bush is the Jared Fogle of the Republican party. In fact, Jared Fogle has a better shot at being president than Jeb Bush.

Cindy Lauper sang “Girls just want to have fun!”

Today, Americans just want Rand paul.

Anyways, people still dance to “the Love Shack and Rock lobster!”  We puke when we think of another Bush presidency. It is time for Jeb Bush to leave the dance floor and quit wasting our time… The neocon special interest agenda might want to spend their jukebox money somewhere else.  In fact, the Bush neocon special interest love shack no longer exists…..


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