Jay Inslee’s Democratic Socialists targeting senior social security

Jay Inslee’s political philosophy is a bastardized hybrid of Benito Mussolini corporate fascism and Al Gore’s the sky is falling. While Republicans at the Federal level have passed the biggest tax cut in history, Jay Inslee and his lemmings are attacking Washington State’s senior citizen population and going after their livelihood.

We remember when gasoline prices approached $5 dollars a gallon in the Puget Sound. This high cost of fuel had to be factored in when we made a trip to the grocery store, home improvement center or even a coffee shop. That gallon of milk for the children became $8 instead of $3. That sheet of OSB went from $5 to $15. Even the $4 cup of shitty coffee at Starbucks had the $5 a gallon penalty attached to it. Washington’s $5 a gallon gasoline cost had a stifling effect on Puget Sound commerce and job creation. However, our seniors on social security bore the brunt of the cost increases.  Our farmers will bear the brunt when they till the fields for our food when diesel fuel is artificially driven up by Jay Inslee’s fascist policies.

Jay Inslee seems to be an enviro-fascist in the mold of Mussolini. Instead of leveraging corporations into armaments production and attacking Ethiopia,  Jay Inslee and his special interest-backed cabinet are leveraging inept special interest-backed environmental policies and attacking the tax base.  In fact, Jay Inslee is Al Gore on steroids.  Jay Inslee feels that his policies to reduce carbon emissions is a mandate for the greater good. Even if his carbon taxation scam will only affect global warming .000000001 over a period of 100 years, he insists are attacking our senior population’s ability to make ends meet.  Over the last 2 years, Jay Inslee has raised property taxes on Puget Sound’s senior population by 30%. His carbon reduction scam will cost our seniors another 15% in utility bills. ST3 taxation has driven car tabs through the roof. Of course, his 25 cent gas tax will hit even harder.

Republicans deal with carbon issues by providing tax incentives for alternative energy production. We provide incentives to companies when they want to produce the Hitachi battery here in the Puget Sound. Republicans do not torture the citizenry with taxation.  Republicans incentivize and then let Laissez-Faire economics do the rest. 

The Democratic Socialists have depended on racist labeling and social wedge issues to gain office. Then, when they are in office, they go nuts raising taxes and enact enviro-fascist policies that suck the cash fuel from our economy. Given that all of Jay Inslee’s enviro-fascist polices will have zero effect on the environment, we can only conclude that they are smoke and mirrors taxation policies for the benefit of bigger government budgets.

Jay Inslee and the Democratic Socialists hold our homes hostage for property taxation via one levee after another. Now they are going after our parents and grandparents tiny little social security check and handing it to bloated State government agencies. Meanwhile, the Puget Sound is becoming an economic no-go zone.

Brodheads populated the Washington Territory after we help create it with land grants for veterans. Jay Inslee is basically a carpetbagging swindler that arrives when all the hard work has been done. Inslee, on the other hand, takes from our seniors and citizenry and grants it to Al Gore’s buddies. Your basic bureaucratic thief.

Jay Inslee is a no-account swindler, charlatan, and snake oil salesman. Washingtonians need to muck-rake this Jerry Brown-style liberal fraud dumb ass out of office.





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