Jay Inslee and the Big Bloomberg Bride

Jay Inslee the Benito Mussolini of enviro-fascism.

Many folks in Washington State do not realize that Mike Bloomberg, the New York billionaire, gave Jay Inslee one million dollars so he could push measure 1631. Measure 1631 was basically a liberal shaming construct that blamed big oil for carbon and global warming. Inslee figured that the easily manipulated and uninformed liberal nincompoops in Seattle would drag it across the finish line. Never mind that there are countless volcanic cracks on the ocean floor that emit billions of tons of carbon. Never mind that the forest ” let it burn”liberal mentality emits utter millions in metric tons of carbon as well.  Let us attempt to pass measure 1631 and pass the billions in taxation on to Washingtonians.

Bloomberg gave Inslee a million dollars so he could push billions in taxation on to the Washington taxpayers. They figured one million nets billions, so they went for broke.

What was really absurd was that the allocated money did not have accountability and would be strictly controlled by  Jay Inslee’s hand-picked bureaucrats. Meaning, they could use the money in combination with political advertising. Hence, the Washington taxpayer would fund Washington Democrats associative political campaigns for years to come.

The Big Bloomberg Bribe was meant to fill the political coffers ahead of the 2020 elections so Mike Bloomberg could bribe his way into winning the Washington State Top Two primary system.

Jay Inslee knowingly engaged in fraud, misrepresentation, and complete abuse of the public trust.

The biggest lesson we can take from measure 1631 is that Inslee is a classical fascist and a  corporatist that believes Washinton Sate’s economic direction and corporatism should be controlled by the state. We determine this conclusion by his willingness to tax specific businesses in order to elevate other interests. He alone feels that he should pick winners and losers in the energy sector.

Jay Inslee used New York money to push an enviro-fascist/ enviro-corporatist agenda. In reality, it was a massive FEC violation disguised as a pollution tax. Billions could be used any way the Democrats wanted.  Because Inslee would hand-select the oversite mechanism, the board that controlled measure 1631 taxation revenue would have controlled the revenue exclusively.

This is the worst violation of the ballot measure system in history and an insult to Washington Taxpayers.

Jay Inslee’s fraudulent behavior is reprehensible.

State-backed mortgage loans that included the funding of residential solar power systems would have cost the taxpayers nothing. The entire solar energy grid could be financed by the people and buried in the mortgage industry. Instead, Jay Inslee wants to tax Washington’s energy consumption!

Jay Inslee is an enviro-fascist shyster snake oil salesman that wanted to make billions of the backs of hard-working Washingtonians and for what?




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