Jay Inslee and Maria Cantwell’s envirofascist catch 22

Democrats like Maria Cantwell will condemn Republicans as anti-science when they themselves  have trouble gathering the technical prowess to change the battery in a  basic flashlight or cell phone. Many will buy off on complex science and theories as presented by Hollywood, yet these same college educated liberals can’t change the oil in their car or check for a burned fuse.

When Ralph Nader quit politics, the Democrats quickly rushed in and absconded the green vote. The Democrats then sought to shove a massive carbon credits scam down the throats of Americans. Al Gore’s the sky is falling inconvenient truth was rejected only to rise up again via  Governor Jay Inslee of  Washington State. Apparently, Jay Inslee’s cabinet is a Gestapo of overzealous enviro-fascists.   Jay Inslee is all in on carbon credits and taxing pollution way above federal standards. Democrats in Washington State want to enact a pollution tax and another gas tax. Hence, they feel it necessary to raise utility and fuel costs  15% on seniors in order to fight global warming. However, even without Mother Nature tipping the scale, Inslee’s massive taxation scheme would only affect global warming a tiny fraction of a fraction of percent over 100 years.

The biggest enviro-fascist cath 22 that the Democrats of Washington State engage in is their  “let it burn mentality.” Meaning, they reject responsible local forest management and biomass harvesting and support dead forest mentality. Specifically. Maria Cantwell has done nothing to encourage the Federal government to manage BLM land. Instead, she just lets it burn.

So, we have Jay Inslee wanting to pass a global warming tax scam when Maria Cantwell’s forest management policies facilitate massive forest fires across the west and create billions of metric tons of carbon?  It seems that Democrats like Maria Cantwell and Jay Inslee only support science that absconds cash from seniors. They do not support responsible forest management and biomass harvesting.

Local management of Washington’s forests and biomass harvesting will create jobs and reduce America’s dependence on oil and plastics.  These responsible environmental policies will help reduce the billions in metric tons of plastics that are in our oceans.  A swath of ocean-going plastic pollution that is three times the size of Texas and is killing off the world’s fisheries.

lastly, Jay Inslee and Maria Cantwell only believe in their enviro-fascist science of taxation and scamming.  They would rather engage in snake oil salesmanship than responsibly managing Washinton’s renewable forests.

Washingtonians need Senate leadership that will fight for jobs and responsible environmentalism.  That is why I support Susan Hutchison.


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