Is Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan a stupid bitch?

The liberal yellow press continues to cover the diatribe of the BLM high command. Some of the Marxist trained “BLM brass” are still threatening to burn down the country if they do not get their way. If the BLM was the WLM, there would be a massive public outcry and the FBI would be dispatched to every WLM doorstep.

The BLM is much more violent and radical than the Black Panthers. The BLM is allowed to exact massive violence with impunity. Had the Black Panthers done a fraction of what the BLM has done, the FBI would have been dispatched in full force along with the National Guard.

As it is, the liberal yellow press were a bunch of cheerleaders for violence, looting and killing.

The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan sat back and watched as BLM and Antifa activists looted, burned, and occupied city blocks. She did nothing when the police were kicked out of their precinct. She did nothing when mentally damaged street bums spray painted graffiti everywhere. She did nothing when  stinking schizophrenic  and deranged transient looters knocked on the doors of Capitol Hill residences and demanded money and food. If the residences did not comply, the deadbeats shit in their yards and graffiti the home. .

Jenny Durkan allowed a violent situation to evolve. Because of her and Jay Inslee’s inaction people actually died.

Now Jenny Durkan is faced with a massive clean up bill and a class action suit filed by over a dozen business owners in Capitol Hill. The City of Seattle will not have a legal leg to stand on. The City of Seattle is provided huge revenue streams from property taxes, B&O taxes and sales taxes. This is the price the business owner pays as part of a social contract with local and State government. Of course, insurance companies will cover the vandalism, however, short term loss of use claims are only covered when a building is not usable because of damage.  Insurance companies will not cover loss of use when it is the City of Seattle’s fault.   Long term loss of business is another story as well. The City of Seattle will have to cover loss of revenue until the businesses affected  show profit and loss statements that mirror 2019.

When Jenny Durkan called violence , rioting,looting, and  the occupation of 7 blocks of her city,  a  “Summer of Love, she opened up the City of Seattle to every manner of law suit by private sector business owners. In fact, the class action suit will ask for  hundreds of millions for loss of revenue and emotional and possibly physical distress.

Is Jenny Durkan simply a stupid bitch? She and her BLM supporting socialist cronies are turning Seattle into a shithole. Because of her, Seattle business is leaving. Because of her, Seattle tourism streams are drying up. Because of her, people live in fear. She encourages  an atmosphere of violence, looting and occupation in her city and then demands that the Seattle police department be reduced?    You cannot make this shit up.

Below is a black man that has had enough with the BLM movement and what it has done to the images of  hardworking blacks that are in the trenches of civility and compete successfully for the American dream. .

Jenny Durkan has done more to destroy Seattle’s image  than any other major in history. She is unable to manage a city and must resign along with Kashama Suwant.



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