Instead of a Meuller interview, Congress should investigate the FBI, NSA and Obama DOJ

Before Trump agrees to an interview with Meuller, the taxpayers need to know to what extent, the Obama administration abused the Patriot Act and conducted surveillance on a Republican presidential candidate. The American taxpayer deserves to know if the Obama DOJ and the corrupt FISA courts approved surveillance of Trump based on Clinton’s Steele Dossier.

At this juncture, the FBI, NSA and the Obama DOJ  lack any credibility, therefore, it is not appropriate for Meuller to be granted an interview with Donald Trump.  The worst outcome to a Meuller interview would be a preponderance of perjury based on a Meuller strategy of vague questions and  the tactics of entrapment. Abuse of the Patriot Act along political lines, on the other hand, is an egregious offense and a severe violation of the 4th Amendment. In reality, Watergate pales in comparison.

It is clear that James Comey attempted to cut a deal with Trump when he released more information on The Clinton emails two weeks before the election.  This severe conflict of interest must be investigated.

Americans must know if the Obama administration was involved with manipulating the Patriot Act and the FISA courts in order to conduct surveillance on a presidential candidate. It is time to go for the throat. Screw Meuller.

The validity of a special counsel interview request with a president based on an illegal FISA court surveillance agenda from a previous presidential administration is not appropriate.  In fact, it is null and void…



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