I wish Jay Inslee cared more about law abiding tax paying citizens than violent Seattle street trash

I dont get it. When Obama was in office, many folks just thought he was worthless and did not believe a word he said.  We did not blame our lots in life on Obama. How we felt on a day to day basis had nothing to do with Obama. Most of the time, when he was on TV, we changed the channel.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a completely different animal.  Many men that hate Trump have allowed this reality to infect their core. If the day did not go right, it was Trump’s fault. if the paycheck wasn’t big enough, it was Trump’s fault. if the wife was not in the mood, it was Trump’s fault. If a black man was killed by a police officer, it was Trump’s fault. In essence, there is no accountability in that individuals life and their unhappiness is blamed on someone else.

It goes back to the philosophical argument of environment versus free will and determinism. Democrats feel that environment presents the greatest impact on a persons life and life chances. In many cases that is true. If one is born in the ghettos of Liberia, one’s life chances are limited. No matter how much freewill and determinism one presents to ones life, one is still living in a Monrovian ghetto.

Republicans believe that people can rise via freewill and determinism. However, the key factor in this argument is accountability.  A person must be accountable for one’s actions. In addition, the education,political and economic construct must support the greater vision of the individual. We must create an environment where people can thrive and rise in society.  This is why supporting the Republic as envisioned by the founders is so important.

Jay Inslee has allowed his own Trump Derangement Syndrome to infect every aspect of his existence. Jay Inslee has been in politics for well over 30 years.  Donald trump has been in politics for just 3.5 years. Even then, Jay Inslee blames Trump for all  of society’s ills. He blames Trump for the corona virus.  he blames Trump for everything he can think of. This suggests that Jay Inslee has no ownership of anything in his control and always defaults to blaming others.

I wish Jay Inlsee would care more about tax paying citizens than he does for disgusting and violent Seattle street trash, thugs, looters and murderers.

It wont be long before Jay Inslee blames Trump for $10 billion in revenue shortfalls.  It was Jay Inslee who bloated the Washington state budget by 20% to meet the growth of the Trump economy. It was Jay Inslee that shut the private sector of  the Washington State economy down while allowing government related contract workers to do their jobs.

Jay Inslee will not accept accountability for his own lack of leadership. He will blame it on Trump.


Washingtonians are done with Jay Inslee.