Fangio needs one more game for Lock/Bridgewater QB decision

My interest in the perpetual quarterback competition waned when Elwood picked up Joe Flacco.  The post Manning experiments with shitty quarterbacks became a mental health issue for the Broncos. We endured Elwood’s inability to find a solid QB, and watched painfully as he shuffled Siemian, Lynch and Ozweiler around like a doofus. It was a merry go round of coaches and quarterbacks while the Denver D exhausted itself. The crowning achievement for Elwood was when he sought to recreate Joe Flacco in Manning’s image.  However, the once high and mighty Joe Flacco who thought he was better than Tom Brady sucked. Inevitably, Denver would be calling for Flacco to just get the phuck gone, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Elwood would stumble upon Drew Lock. Of course, Elwood’s one and done attitude towards Lock was completely different than his patience with Paxton Lynch, and the extended romper room  academy for shitty tall quarterbacks. But then again, just as Biden screwed up Afghanistan, Paxton Lynch would cry in the “Black hole” and seal his fate.

It was like John Milton Elwood and the “Bobs” were running the show. Well at least they did not select Rashad Penney…

Now that Elwood is working in the basement, handing out stale coffee,  looking for his red Swingline stapler, and beating on the copy machine, the last of the Post Manning/Post Kubiak voodoo  copy machine stench has been washed away from the Broncos. This year the Broncos are a new team without the post Super Bowl 50 Carter malaise.

Elwood says “no salt, no salt!”

Fangio cannot make a decision on the Lock/ Bridgewater QB competition just yet.  For me, Bridgewater looks to be a less talented and fragile RGIII. All that is needed is for Shanny to make him play on crutches.  The Broncos do not even know if the guy will make it through a season. He does have limited arm strength and is more of a precision game manger that likes possession receiving.  This could bode well for the Broncos given their stacked WR and RB corps. However, that would relegate the pro-bowler Bronco receivers to 15 yard throws.  Down field and side line route runners  and specialists like  Patrick, Sutton, and Jeudy would lose dimension.  Of course San Diego, Las Vegas and Kansas City would see the film on Bridgewater and shut him down. There would be few long yardage throws.  Lock can air it out like Jay Cutler or  “future Bronco Ring of Famer Jake Plummer”. To say the least, there would be no Plummer/ Ashley lelie style long yardage bailouts on 3rd down. The entire long yardage dimension would be all but gone  in  Keenumesque fashion.  Bridgewater does look better than Orton.

Fangio needs one more game to make a decision.

Hmm Trinity Benson is explosive…..

How about that Royce Freeman… Bouts damn time…

Phillip Lyndsey who?








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