Fangio deserves one more year but Bridgewater and Shurmur dont

Tim Patrick worked hard to gain the  start with the Broncos.  He became a long throw sideline catching specialsit that could take advantage of even the slightest seperation.  Courtland Sutton rose quite quickly and was an extremely suitable replacement for DT. For awhile, Drew Lock made good use of these two fellas. However, when Teddy Bridgewater was elevated to the start, the long throws and exploitation of Sutton and Patrick disappeared. Instead he fixated on Jeudy.  The two thousand yard receiver duo would be reduced to a 60th rating as it relates to receivers. This means, that out of 32 teams, these once magnificent receivers were reduced to second string numbers , if not worse. The blame for Sutton and Patrick’s demise rests squarely on Bridgewater and Shurmur’s shoulders.

While Bridgewater won the preseason and the start, it was soon clear that he was a no frills game manager. He is not a “gamer”!  In fact, he looks totally unenthused to be in Denver or something to that affect.   Much of Shurmurs play calling was excellent, but he is hamstringed by Bridgewater’s tiny arm and injury proneness. Every Bronco fan has witnessed how Bridgewater actually shits his pants when he wants to throw down field. Unless his feet are set, Bridgewater has a hard time making even shorter throws. Bridgewater is also quite good at throwing balls to defenders close to the goal line. He has done it over and over and over again.

Bridgewater is a very delicate QB.   He is like RGIII, but not as talented.

In the name of consistency, Fangio should stay the length of his contract. The merry- go- round of coaches and quarterbacks must end. The jury is out on Shumur.

Elwood would do best to let Bridgewater hit the open market and then look at a rookie QB again.   Russel Wilson might be done in Seattle. He is the guy to place your bets on. Bridgewater sounds like he wants $25 million a year. The only problem is that he is only a lackluster injury prone game manager at best. If Elwood keeps Bridgewater, Bronco fans can look forward to some boring football innundated with injury after injury.

Let Bridgewater make his money somewhere else.

Lastly, Bridgewater sustained a very bad head concussion. His body was shaking. Wes Welker had to leave football because of all the hits.  I think Bridgewater is now close to the same category.

Case Keenum was a better QB at $16 million a year. Bridgewater is between a $6 million  and $8 million QB and is barely hanging on to the start.

It would be a liability to chain the Broncos to a big contract with Bridgewater. Elwood dont say nothing to him about a contract until you see what hits the combine. The dude has the tiniest arm in Bronco history and he aint taking you to the promised land. So, I guess he would cost the organization big contract money and no playoffs. Spending  $25 million on a back up caliber quarterback only to miss the playoffs for the next two or three years sounds like a 1/2 billion dollar mistake. Elwood would then be involved with not making the playoffs for almost 10 years. damn!!!!!






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