Face the Nation changes focus to presidential candidate policy

It is certain that CBS is hitting the brakes as it relates to the Trump/Russian collusion scam. It seems they will be the first of the big 3 to extricate themselves from 2 and 1/2 years of yellow press fake news. In fact, they are now actively striving for journalistic normalcy and the regaining of balanced objectivity. In fact, CBS is now focusing on real content.

The biggest take away from the March 31, 2019 Face the Nation is that Trump is going to have to follow suit with Bernie Sanders as it relates to cutting Pharmaceutical prices by 50%, especially in the areas of type 1 and 2 diabetes medication, hypertension medication, and cholesterol reducing treatments.

Under Obamacare, health care policy costs increased three fold. In the state of Washington, a state hosted healthcare policy was about $250 a month pre-Obama. Now policy costs are at $850 without subsidies. Under Obamacare, healthcare spending is double that of Germany.

Trump will have to incorporate some radical cost reduction aspects to his private insurance healthcare agenda to compete with the Bernie Sander’s socialist takeover of the healthcare system. Trump must look at Hickenlooper’s compromises etc.

The pharmaceutical companies will support candidates that will not seek cost reductions in drugs across the board. Hence, we will see a DAZI party candidate that supports “As is” Obamacare with no threats to the pharmaceutical companies. I think Hickenlooper will provide this message along with his support of his infanticide agenda.

It would be interesting to see a company like Amazon create a Pharmaceutical enterprise that sold and distributed healthcare drugs to Americans. Instead of playing with billion dollar rockets, he should look into this style of enter-prize. .

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