Everyone hates the House Republican healthcare plan.

Per the Congressional Budget Office, Ryancare will increase healthcare policy costs by 15% to 20% right off the bat. In addition, lower-income 50 and 60-year-olds will see their premiums skyrocket and then have to foot the entire bill given that the proposed tax credits would be simply worthless.

At this juncture, the House Republicans that support Ryan’s bullshit healthcare plan must be voted out of office in 2018.  This Obamacare replacement bill is both costly and coldly inhuman.  Allowing insurance companies to increase policy costs on a 50 year by 5 times that of a younger person is garbage legislation.

If the republican house was smart, they would pass only the “across state lines” aspect of the bill, and then take a wait and see position.

One week, Republicans ask for a 55 billion increase in the military budget and in the next breath seek to grow healthcare costs by 15% a year.





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