Elon Musk tenders offer for the Denver Broncos

The owner of Tesla and Space X has been looking into buying the Denver Broncos.

In Colorado, there is a housing boom. However, many houses do not have solar power. It is the wild west for the solar power industry.

Many of the houses built since Mayor Pena opened up the front range to travel and investment,  are in need  of new roofs. Colorado is also a mecca for Tesla cars. Elon Musk is also looking at the utter millions of acres of land that can be exploited.

Of course the Ford Bronco woul have to be replaced by the Tesla Model 3. and the name of the stadium changed as well.

We all remember when Elwood showed up in 1983. He was a boom for Colorado’s mental health and economy. Elon Musk would usher in another boom. he will make alot of money and also turn the front range into Germany as it relates to solar.

Elon Musk has trimmed $4 billion from his stock portfolio. He has offered the Bolens $4 billion cash and $500 million in stock options in the Colorado based solar company he is starting. However, the Bolens are  still pondering the sale of the Broncos to JZ and his big assed racist wife Beyonce.

Elon also stated that he really likes soccer much better, but he will buy the Broncos cuz he can. He also understands as Ford and GM start to enter the EV market in force, he needs to trim some mony off his stock portfolio. He understands that he will always get a return on investment with the Broncos even if Tesla stock shits the bed given its unrealistic P/E ratio 374.  Elon has stated that he wants to have a steak  with the Bolens at Elwoods steak house and seal the deal. Oh and while he is more interested in rockets and electric cars, he would show up for a few games and maybe buy a condo in Breckenridge.


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