Ellis’s “rooms” analogy applies to Siemian

Shoulder injuries can be a real drag. When I was flying as a C-141 Flight Engineer in the Reserves, part of the mission ritual was the “bag drag!” We would load the crew bus and then unload when we arrived to the aircraft. Once the preflight was done and the aircraft was airworthy for a trip to the far reaches of the planet, we would throw the bags on the aircraft. Sometimes there was a crew of 8 or 10 for checkrides etc. Hence, the collection of bags and pro gear could be very large and heavy. In order to get a bag up to the crew entrance door, it would take a swinging motion and a throw at the end of the swing. Not a big deal when one’s shoulders are healthy.

I was remodeling one of my rental properties and needed two sheets of 4 by 12 drywall. So I went to Home Depot and purchased them. I needed help loading the sheets into my truck and asked one of the clerks to make a call. The dude shows up to help and he is new, large, and stupid with almost zero empathy skills. Anyways the guy decides to rotate the two sheets of drywall while I am holding the other end with my right hand. So, instead of holding the sheets with two hands the entire weight of the heavy as hell sheets basically fall to my right hand and right shoulder after coming off the stack. In an attempt to protect the sheets from hitting the floor I held on.  The action tears a few tendons at the top of my shoulder.  Now, I used to work tire shop at a double wing of bombers and tankers where a B52  tire weighs 750 pounds.  In order to prove one’s self, one had to demonstrate that one could upright a B-52 tire and rim assembly when it fell over.  The engine cowling on a B-52 also weighed a huge amount and was even worse to install when a breeze came up. The B-52 towbar liked to cause herniated discs. The double hose pit fuel cart was insane. A B-52 dock door was on railroad tracks and weighed several tons.  I was also an auto mechanic for decades and lifted all sorts of heavy shit every day and pushed cars. Shoulder problems suck. My upper, and lower back and neck hate the Northwest winter. First time in 57 years that I felt this type of pain.  In Colorado, I was fine.

So, on trips, the bag drag would re-tear my shoulder. I couldn’t bitch or they would take me off flying status. I could not self-medicate beyond aspirin either. The pain really sucked and went on for 6 months to a year. It got so bad that I felt like cutting my arm off.  I finally had to stop flying for 2 months and take a heavy course of aspirin to finally get the excruciating pain to go away.

Now, I do whatever I can to preserve my shoulders and back for the long haul.

The Broncos need to let Siemian heal up and give it one more shot.  Elwood does not know for certain if Paxton Lynch will continue to evolve. He does not know if Chad Kelly is worthy. He does not know if Brock Osweiler can elevate his play after 5 seasons of experience. Hell, he does not know if Josh Allen can even compete in spring training and ends up on the practice squad. Siemian is better than Kubiak ever was. At the very least Siemian is a worthy NFL back up.

Ellis has stated that  “changing the rooms” was essential to elevating the Broncos. Firing 6 assistant coaches and then shitcanning Siemian before he enters and competes in these different rooms makes absolutely no logical management sense. As far as Vance Joseph stating that he does not know if Siemian will be around is poppycock. The rookie coach went 5-11. Elwood is giving him the benefit of the doubt. He should also give Siemian the benefit of the doubt. After all, Vance Joseph never really made it as a QB and could be simply projecting his own pathos.

At the end of Jake Plummer’s tenure with the Broncos, the WR corps was on its last hips. Rod Smith had both hips replaced soon after he retired. Plummer was forced to make due with an icon that had seen better days. The chemistry that Siemian was forced to deal with as it relates to the current wide receiver corps and the supposed inept coaching was suspect.  If you accept the coach firing premise then you cannot come to the conclusion that Siemian will not work out in 2018.  Again, the jury is out on Sanders. Moreover, the use of the running backs and tight ends did not change for the better until Musgrave was around for awhile. With a better QB coach and a better O-line, and Siemian may be the solution.  Paxton Lynch took two full years to develop. Siemian does not take up that much cap space and must be allowed to complete his contract. In fact, I handcuff him for one more year.

Lastly, Siemian needs to work on his shoulders and make them look like a big grapefruit.

Siemian had to deal with a shit running game last year and a porous shit O-line.  Had Elwood had the 49er front line and receiver he would have won 6 Superbowls. If Montana had the 2016 O-line, he would be in a wheelchair. Siemian is tuff as nails and we should reward him for doing his absolute best and laying it all on the line. He will heal up and get better….

At a minimum, I hand cuff him for 2018.



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