Donald Trump’s monumental bait and switch

Yup, Donald Trump was going to make America great again.

In reality, Donald Trump’s campaign took cues from Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric. Hitler blamed the Jews for the Treaty of Versailles as well as the economic catastrophe of the Weimar Republic. Trump is directing hate and discontent towards  Mexicans and Muslims. Instead of concentration camps, Donald Trump wants to bus 11 million illegals back to Mexico and build a wall of China. Instead of blaming the Weimar Republic, he is blaming globalization. Trump has taken nationalism and the anti-immigrant we/they argument to Naziesque level. His “Mein Krampf”  ( My diarrhea) comes straight from his political toilette of a mind.

The last Republican in the Whitehouse laid waste to the Bill of Rights, attacked innocent sovereign nations and left the economy in ruin. George Bush did more to undermine freedom and liberty in this country than any other political figure in American history. While FDR approved Japanese internment camps, Bush put the entire nation under surveillance and then lied to our face. Because of the inept Bush doctrine, the entire Middle East is in turmoil and refugees are overrunning Europe. The Muslim refugee problem was created by the Bush doctrine. The refugee crisis wrests squarely on the shoulders of the Neocon Republican.

Adolf Hitler reoccupied the Ruhr and massively ramped up armaments manufacturing to create an economy. Within 4 to 5 years, The German economy was on a full head of steam. Today, Germany has ramped up on alternative energy programs to create economy. Trump has cut a deal with legacy utilities and the fossil fuel industry. He has no vision for clean energy independence and job creation. In fact, He can be labeled an environmental terrorist that supports an incompetent neocon energy policy.

Donald Trump is bereft of alternative energy ideas. By choosing Mike Pence to be Vice President, Donald Trump has cut a deal with the neocon-backed military industrial complex as well as entrenched big oil. So, Americans are witnessing the most monumental bait and switch political campaign of all time. Trump’s “Make America Great Again”  has become “Make America Neocon Again!”  By choosing Mike Pence, the idea that Trump can make America safe again is based on a lie and a failed neocon fate accompli. It was the Bush Neocon perpetual war agenda that has made this country unsafe. As a Bush protege on the foreign relations committee, Mike Pence had a hand in the destabilization of the Middle East, hence, Mike Pence is part of the problem and not part of the solution. This is called a Catch 22.

Donald Trump received 13.4 million votes during the primary. Many came after everybody else quit. 13.4 million votes represent 4% of the society. The Democratic Socialists ,on the other hand, fielded 28 million votes during the primary. In reality, Trump only received a million more votes than the socialist from Vermont. Now that Donald Trump has come out of the closet as  subservient to the Neocon agenda, expect his support to curtail and flounder. Mike Pence was a cheerleader for the Bush Doctrine. All of his foreign policy positions have been proven to be inept. He had his shot and he screwed everything up. Except for divisive anti-immigrant rhetoric, racist diatribe, and the neocon status quo on perpetual war and dirty energy policy, Trump has nothing to offer America. It is all smoke and mirrors. Trump is a sell-out.

Mitt Romney did his absolute best to attract Hispanic voters and be inclusive. Trump basically shit on Hispanics,blacks, and Muslims.  Donald Trump should have taken notice when Americans hung Jeb Bush up by his heels in the political square of public opinion. Instead, he chose Mile Pence signaling that he was not a grass roots candidate. In fact,he has declared his allegiance to special interest. Given Donald Trump’s stupendous serial baboonery and buffoonery , Trump must be a sleeper cell virus for the  Clintons and the total destruction of the Republican party. Think about it. Every time Trump is up in the polls, he says something politically nauseating and socially vomitous and opens the door for Benghazi Hillary. What a bait and switch.

Gary Johnson for President.



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