Donald Trump is self destructing like a suicide bomber for the DNC

Republicans gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt for his serial imbecilic behavior because he has money. The media gave him a free pass and free press because he has money.

Republicans overlooked Donald Trump calling Mexicans rapists and thieves. We did not respond when Donald Trump told us he would deport 12 million Mexicans. They turned a blind eye to the Mexican American judge event. They downplayed “Where is my African American!” They dismissed  Trump’s devaluing John McCain’s service and 6 years at the Hanoi Hilton. They made little mention when Donald made fun of a handicapped person.  Nobody said much when Donald Trump wanted to base immigration on religion? They made no issue of Donald Trump’s neanderthal generalities and nonsense during the debates. When Cruz and Kasich failed to take the “oath to Trump”, he threatened to dispatch their political careers with a super PAC.

Then Donald Trump attacked the mother of a fallen soldier and the media reacted. He then doubled down on attacking the family that had lost a son in Iraq. After that, the Republican establishment started to take pause. In retaliation, Trump attacks the Speaker of the House and two GOP senators.

Like Saddam Hussein, Donald Trump sees enemies everywhere. Trump has yet to deal with the Congress and Senate and he is imploding on irrelevant stupid stuff.    Forget foreign relations.

Now his campaign is in self-destruct mode.

Donald Trump does not want to win and seems to be a  sleeper cell suicide bomber for the DNC.  He has strapped super politically incorrect C4 to his body and waddled into the heart of the GOP. If the past is prologue, Trump will pack his limo full of toxic politically explosive gibberish and then his luxury jet. If he becomes president, he will detonate his inept mental garbage on the population.

He has ruined his chances at the presidency and is dragging the Republican party through the gutter.

Americans must now reject this social inept and thin-skinned baboon and look at Garry Johnson.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to himself and the country.

Donald Trump is displaying his mentally disturbed and pathologically corrupt thought processes and lack of social discipline to the entire country. What we are seeing is simply grotesque and dysfunctional. This guy slipped through the cracks aided by the worst characters in the Republican party. The so-called inclusive party.

Do we really want a person with reprehensible qualities in the Whitehouse? Do we want a stripper to be the first lady?Do we want a nasty, spoiled  and self-absorbed 5th avenue family in charge?

Donald Trump striking Benito Mussolini pose.

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