Donald Trump continues to spew draconian gibberish from his ass.

In 2016, I voted for Gary Johnson. I voted my conscience even though that meant that the lying and conniving political whore Hillary Clinton might win.

Donald Trump takes a few steps forward and then spews nonsensical dictator style political gibberish from his ass.  The economy improves, and he submits a massive spending bill. He lowers taxes, and the national debt goes up $1 trillion in 6 months. He makes inroads with Kim Jong Un and then seeks to reignite the failed war on drugs. His biggest regression was suggesting that NRA members off Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then he attacks the 2nd Amendment and due process in 2018. trump has never learned to filter his verbal discourse and this makes him a political idiot.

The checks and balances that our Founding Fathers envisioned were engineered for times like these. They were meant to keep those that would become Machiavellian leaders in check. Trump is demonstrating that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We now know that Trump is quite power hungry and shoots from the hip. Anyone that would want the death penalty for drug dealers in the face of the pharmaceutical company created opioid epidemic is out of his mind. Moreover, Trump’s death penalty ideas are quite Hitleresque.

Now Trump is firing all of his staff and making room for rabid Neocons. the same kind of neocon that obliterated the  4th Amendment and like to torture combatants. His DOJ Jeff Sessions is your basic closet racist redneck asshole.

While Donald Trump is a brilliant real estate mogul, he is a political dumbass. he does not listen to his advisors and continually makes a fool of himself.

Donald Trump tax cuts and penchant for spending will create a massive 2018 budget deficit.  This reality will trigger an adjustment in the stock market. There will be a loss of wealth effect after close to a decade of artificially induced stock market growth.   This will result in loss of hard revenue and a massive rise in the yearly federal deficits. Trump will add $6 trillion to the national debt in 4 years.

In order to improve his chances of re-election in 2020, Trump will get us into a war quite soon.

As it is, intelligent Republicans are finding Trump to be simply an ass that does not know how to police his gibberish.


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