Colorado’s John Hickenlooper extending his lead over Jay Inslee

Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is climbing in the polls. While Hickenlooper is doubling his polling percentages, Jay Inslee remains stagnate at 1%.

Cory Booker, Beto ORourke, Pocahontas, and Kamala Harris all lost 2%. Bernie socialist lost 5% and Peter Buttigig, the poster boy for the LGBT movement, climbed to 8%.

John Hickenlooper besides his heinous positions on late term abortion, is probably the most level headed and electable of the bunch. It is a shame that he is not raising more money because he is the safest and sanest person in the Democrat field.

Once the debates start, expect Hickenlooper’s poll numbers to increase to the top three and then eventually win the Democrat nomination.

As far as Jay Inslee, he has yet to clear 1% via the polls, and will not be eligible for the debates.

NATIONAL POLL: Dems’ early #2020 preference:

27% @JoeBiden (28% in March)
20% @BernieSanders (25%)
8% @PeteButtigieg (<1%)
8% @KamalaHarris (10%)
6% @EWarren (8%)
4% @BetoORourke (6%)
2% @CoryBooker (5%)
2% @Hickenlooper (1%)

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