CNN Giving Benghazi Hillary all the Free Press she can bullshit

Just as Barack Hussein Obama postured the Bowe Bergdahl exchange with Hillary Clinton’s book release, CNN is providing  ass kissing “Free Press” as well. ABC also gave a bit a free press although Diane Sawyer smoked Benghazi Hillary with several solid questions. 

On Google, Kim Kardashian the pathological narcissist has been replaced by Benghazi Hillary Clinton the pathological narcissist.. Instead of a big nice ass, we are now being treated to a big ass trying to explain her way out of Iraq ineptitude and Benghazi lying.   

Hillary Clinton this, Hillary Clinton that….

Even though all of Hillary Clinton’s achievements as Secretary of State are crumbling before our very eyes, CNN is giving her a pass.

It seems that in order for Democrats to win, and for Republicans to lose, Hillary had to leave Iraq in shambles and unable to defend itself. Of course Benghazi Hillary now blames the Iraq leadership for ISIS and Sunni violence. 

Wow, Christiane Amanpuor made her mark in Afghanistan reporting on the Taliban. I wonder what she thinks now that  Iraq is falling to Sunni Jihadist and psycho terrorists. I wonder what she thinks of  the poppy fields in Afghanistan  that create $61 billion in narco revenue. I wonder if she thinks that Hillary Clinton took her eye off the ball in Iraq? I mean, we could have left Afghanistan in 2002 and saved the American taxpayer a $trillion. We could have focused on Iraq and brought them into NATO along with establishing a base there. As it is, Afghanistan will prove to be a worthless endeavor while Iraq was the true national interest.  


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